Business and Security

It will come as no surprise that physical security is at the top of everyone’s priority list as we head into the new year especially after the difficult year that most businesses have experienced. With that in mind, Lucinda Thorpe, Business Development Executive at Newgate shares her view on why businesses are becoming more security conscious.

Why is physical security so important in 2021?

Physical security has likely seen a rise in searches over the last six months for three main reasons all related to the uncertainty businesses faced throughout 2020.

  • Businesses are more prepared to invest as they have more time to make changes
  • Physical security can help businesses be compliant with current restrictions
  • Physical security systems provide an extra layer of security which is essential if the business premises are ever empty

A combination of these factors all brought to light by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic have made businesses more aware of their physical security needs which is why Newgate Newark Ltd have experienced an increase in traffic across three different areas over the last 6 months.


Security Barriers

Their own data showed that interest in security barriers has increased 38% over the last six months despite the fact that security barriers were already one of Newgate’s more popular and in demand products.

This increase in interest and demand is likely due to the versatility that security barriers can provide when compared to more static security systems such as CCTV or security bollards. This versatility also provides a range of additional benefits such as traffic control and management.

Security barriers bare more often used at business entrances as they not only restrict unauthorised vehicular access but allow tighter control of traffic and visitor management as they can be fitted with a range of additional accessories such as contactless intercoms which are more essential than ever in the current climate.

What are the benefits of installing security barriers?

The main benefit of security barriers is access control which helps to improve the overall security of your business by making it more difficult for would be criminals to access your premises.

However, security barriers also have a range of additional benefits, aside from access control, including but not limited to:

Traffic control – as mentioned previously installing barriers at the entrance to your business premises is a highly effective method of controlling the traffic in and out of your business which improves overall business security but can also help keep pedestrians safe.

Flexibility – regardless of the type of security barrier you choose manual or automatic, security barriers can be utilised in a number of different ways such as securing business entrances or restricting access to private land.

Reliability – with the correct servicing and maintenance security barriers can last a lot longer than other forms of security which are more susceptible to damage and vandalism such as CCTV cameras.

Security Gates

According to data gathered by Newgate Newark Ltd; over the last six months security gates have seen an 18% increase in interest.

This increase in demand is likely due to businesses becoming more security conscious as a whole likely due to the risks associated with leaving your business premises unattended such was the case throughout the majority of 2020.

Security gates are mainly used for access control but are often larger than security barriers and are better suited to larger industrial sites and businesses with larger premises that require less visitor and traffic control as security gates are often perceived as less versatile than security barriers.

What are the benefits of installing security gates?

The main benefit of security gates is their flexibility in size. Whilst security barriers and bollards often come in smaller, fixed sizes, security gates can be a lot larger making them a cost-effective method of security your business, especially out of hours.

As well as their size and their ability to restrict both vehicular and pedestrian access to your premises, there are also a range of additional benefits that are associated with security gates, such as:

  • Strong physical deterrent
  • Increased levels of privacy
  • Improved safety for the business and employees

Furthermore, the majority of security gate suppliers and installer can design bespoke security gates suited to your business making them more aesthetically pleasing and on brand compared to other security systems such as security bollards.

Security Bollards

Astonishingly Newgate Newark Ltd have reported a 74% increase in interest for security bollards over the last six months, more than any other security systems they offer.

Despite being overlooked by businesses in the past, this is likely due to security bollards becoming a more popular choice for businesses of all sizes as their small size makes them highly cost effective as they are still a robust and reliable physical security system.

What are the benefits of installing security bollards?

As mentioned previously the main benefit of security bollards is that their cost-effective nature and smaller size makes them ideally suited to both small, large and medium sized businesses whereas security barriers and gates are better suited to larger business with greater security requirements.

That being said, security bollards do have a myriad of additional benefits to businesses such as:

Increased traffic control – security bollards can be used to restrict certain areas of your business giving you greater control over the flow of traffic around your premises.

Integration – security bollards can be easily integrated with a variety of additional security systems such as security gates and barriers to provide more robust and complete security for your business as a whole.

Aesthetically pleasing – their sleek and minimal design means that security bollards can be used across the business premises without standing out and, depending on the supplier, the majority of bollards can be fully customised with regards to colour.

Ultimately, the data has established that businesses are more aware of their security needs ahead of the new year and it is predicted that demand for security products is only expected to rise as we remain in a period of uncertainty where security is even more essential to every business and business owner.