Multi Mover UK the country’s leading supplier of electric tugs has appointed James Dixon as Sales Director. James had previously been Multi Mover UK’s Sales Manager. The appointment follows a very successful trading period for the company. Multi Mover UK is part of the P&D Marine Group.

James Dixon commented, ‘It’s a fantastic time for Multi Move UK. We have seen massive growth in the past two years, and this has given us the confidence to expand the portfolio of products we offer the market. We are clearly the leading supplier, providing solutions across a wide sector of the markets with Construction, Manufacturing, NHS, Military, Airlines, Logistics, Rail and Football Clubs, just a small example of where the company now supplies our range of electric tugs. We also understand that sometimes a bespoke item may be required and the need to create a specific moving solution for our clients. From tow tugs and tow dollies, through to rail shunters and rail stock movers, Multi-Mover UK can build a custom moving solution. This has been our strength and why we are now the go-to company in the market.’

Multi Mover UK is part of the P&D Marine Group which has grown organically, maintaining their belief in offering the best solutions. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the design and installation of equipment in the commercial, construction, and leisure industry, The P&D Marine Group offers a turnkey solution that meets their clients’ exacting requirements. With over a decade of delivering the best solutions, and by carefully selecting high-quality products, combined with the very best service, P&D Marine Group have created a ‘One Stop Solution’. Using technology and innovation and not resting on their past successes, their ongoing development program continues to look for the latest solutions. They strive as a group to move forward and provide their clients with the very best product and service that can be found anywhere in the industry.

James added. ‘With the Multi Mover range firmly established we have recently launched the new Move It rail shunter at this year’s Rolling Stock Network event in Derby. Following the launch, we have received many requests for demos of the new Move It, which is an ideal solution for moving rolling stock short distances within a depot. The utilisation of the Move It, saves time, money and vastly improves the health and safety for those tasked with the movement of any rolling stock in and around a rail depot. We are still actively expanding the portfolio and will be releasing details of a new electric tug product we are currently working to bring to the UK market. As with all of our range, its about providing a quality solution for our clients, with the Multi Mover, BEAZ and the Move It, we offer the very best range of products.’

Multi Mover UK has been operating within the constructs of the Pontoon and Dock Company, however, from October 2021 the company has now been registered as P&D MultiMove Ltd.


Neill Walker
P&D Marine Group maintain our belief in offering the best solutions for any project on or near the water. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the design and installation of equipment to the commercial, construction, leisure industry.