Overcome Your Fear of Flying by Paul Tizzard, Foreword by Sir Richard Branson

Fear of flying still affects 1 in 5 people in the UK and that has not changed since Covid 19.  Paul Tizzard, former founder of Virgin Atlantic’s flying without fear programme has created a new bespoke programme to help nervous flyers.

Overcome Your Fear of Flying in 30 Days already had success with participants and aims to help another 40 people this year. Tizzard has carefully crafter a 30 day programme with space for only three people per month to ensure a truly tailored experience for his clients.

Paul says, ‘No one is born with a fear of flying but it is so easy to develop one. No matter how long the fear has been there, it can be shifted with the right help.’ Paul’s new programme starts by signing up to his free book which has a foreword by Sir Richard Branson.

Many clients have suffered for years and even have passed it onto their children. All is not lost says Paul.