Europa Road Expansion

Europa Road – part of ambitious logistics operator Europa Worldwide Group – has launched a brand new, part-load service to further help its export customers by driving greater efficiency into the operation of larger groupage consignments to the European Union (EU).

The news comes amidst continued concerns about rising fuel costs across the UK.  Europa Road’s part-load solution will help to offset some of these pressures on customers because the approach minimises operational costs and reduces overseas export charges.

The innovative firm – who is setting the pace in the market – is committed to providing its customers with the most efficient solution for every type of shipment, fulfilling the need for a trusted and reliable service, despite the challenges of the post-Brexit marketplace.

This new service also comes at a time of growing concern raised by the UK Government’s independent fiscal watchdog, the Office for Budget Responsibility, which warned it is not worth the cost of additional import and export paperwork to trade with the UK.


Europa Road’s new part-load export solution is specifically designed to tackle such fears by increasing efficiency and reducing handling, which ultimately drives down costs at a time when supply chains continue to evolve with growing complexity.

Designed to accommodate shipments that are too big for a traditional road groupage network service but too small to warrant a full load, Europa’s part-load solution ensures larger consignments can be taken care of by a solution specifically designed to facilitate shipments of that nature.

Combined with Europa’s groupage and full load offerings, this ensures customers have the full package of load options at their disposal and provides highly competitive rates whilst also ensuring all logistics needs can be met.
The service also addresses the fact that the introduction of customs clearance in the part-load market following Brexit has led to limited availability, price hikes and added complications within the marketplace. This is increasing freight costs for many at a time when fuel price rises, and inflation, are continuing to bite.

Europa’s road freight network ordinarily accommodates one to six UK standard pallets, with the part-load export service positioned predominately to facilitate customer consignments of between six and twenty UK standard pallets, before a consignment naturally becomes a full load.

As well as aiding export consignments of a certain size, an added benefit is also that any sized load – be that full or partial shipments – can also now benefit from Europa Flow. Launched in response to Brexit, this frictionless customs product offers customers greater flexibility and peace of mind because all bureaucratic, red-tape requirements have been resolved in advance.

Marco Riccomini, UK Manager at Europa Road, explained: “Many hauliers have been reluctant to carry part loads, due to an increased risk of customs delays and transit hold-ups. This means demand for such a service is outstripping supply.

“By accessing our own fleet and unique customs solution, we are alleviating some of these complications around customs clearance by offering a door-to-door EU wide export part load service with rates & transit times consistent with our network product.

“This approach – which is delivered through a single point of contact in our trusted Europa Road team – is designed to maximise efficiencies and drive down costs which can then be passed back to our customers.”

According to the Office for National Statistics, over a quarter of UK firms have experienced negative supply chain disruptions, yet Europa Road’s new part-load export offering means many more customers will be able to now cut through cross-border logistical barriers to move goods of all sizes seamlessly across Europe.

Europa Flow offers anticipated goods declarations, so shipments can be collected and exported on the same day. This appeals to customers of UK exporters, because the whole process of appointing a customs broker, completing import declarations, and paying import duties has already been taken care of.

The part-load collections will be carried out on Europa’s own vehicles to guarantee availability, before passing via Europa Flow to avoid unnecessary customs delays. They will then be consolidated alongside another part-loads in Belgium and combined with other part-loads requiring delivery to similar destinations. It is a hassle-free approach, because only one payment is taken, covering the duty and customs clearances as well as the transit fee, in advance of delivery.