Richard Litchfield Innovate Freight

During a global pandemic may not be the obvious time to launch a new business, but COVID-19 has highlighted our reliance on technology, in virtually every sector, including logistics.

According to a recent report from the Global Freight and Logistics Market Report 2020: – Forecast to 2025 published recently “logistics industry majors across the value chain are expected to prioritize operational efficiencies, with investments in technology adoption. Freight forwarders that offer innovative online solution offerings in freight matching, custom brokerage, and transportation management solutions are expected to transform the segment with enhanced customer experience. The warehousing industry is expected to transform significantly with process automation due to the emergence of cross-border eCommerce and increasing demand for integrated supply chain solutions.”

It is therefore very timely for the launch of a new specialist IT consultancy for freight and logistics, Innovate Freight. Innovate Freight is the brainchild of Richard Litchfield whose track record in logistics spans over 20 years implementing state-of-the art freight management systems. The business maybe new but is not new to the world of freight.

Richard was formerly Group IT Director at Europa Worldwide Group and Vice President / Global Head of IS Road Logistics at Kuehne & Nagel in Switzerland.


Richard’s whole career has been focused on IT in transport and logistics. Most recently he was responsible for designing and implementing Europa’s Leonardo bespoke IT system providing solutions across the operation from road freight to finance. At K+N, Richard had global responsibility for Road / Rail IT Demand and all associated transportation management system (TMS) solutions, identifying best practices for each country and region.

Richard comments: “At a time of even further reliance on IT across transport and logistics it’s essential that operators are using the best solution available and the onset of Brexit means IT is even more essential. As an industry we are not necessarily maximising IT as well as some other sectors and that’s something Innovate aims to tackle.

“It’s important that operators understand the advantages and disadvantages of both in-house and external solutions – or a combination of both and clearly understand what they want technology to deliver. I have firsthand experience of developing new solutions from the ground up; literally from a blank sheet of paper and my aim is to spread the best practice of IT across our sector ensuring we become best in class at using technology to drive forward.”

Innovate Freight is launching with three product offerings: IF Health Check, IF Consult and IF Consult Plus. The first, IF Health Check, is a five-day, high level freight management system review with an in-depth summary report and advice on further consultancy services.

The second, IF Consult, actions the advice shared in the Health Check, transforming freight management systems to be more efficient and productive. Finally, IF Consult Plus offers multiple development options to further enhance systems.