MyBliss – male condoms made with women in mind

MyBliss, a new-to-the-market sexual wellness brand, is answering the long-awaited call for change within the contraception industry with the launch of its female-focused male condoms. MyBliss condoms are made by women for women; all products are spermicide-free, fragrance-free and use silicone oil, which is especially kind to women’s bodies. They are also designed to be completely discreet yet stylish, supporting the modern woman’s sex life.

Sex – both solo and with others – has recently become a widely accepted part of wellness routines, with a variety of sex toys and products available in a large range of shops, from dedicated stores to the local supermarket. Despite this, the purchase and use of non-hormonal contraception is still somewhat taboo, with many women choosing to use hormonal contraception, which comes with a plethora of undesirable side effects.

MyBliss wants to change that. An idea forged from co-founder Mo Carrier’s long battle with hormonal contraceptives, MyBliss condoms make having protected sex desirable, safe and easy to use. The Buttercup condoms are easy to open and always the right way up, so users can get to the good stuff without the hassle of a ripped condom or hard-to-open packet.

In a market saturated with male condoms seemingly made for men only, MyBliss’ products are made with the female consumer in mind. Not only are they free from harmful ingredients such as spermicides, fragrances and lubricants, making them kind to women’s bodies, these condoms take a long-awaited step away from the brightly coloured, juvenile packaging to a sleeker, more stylish approach to protection.


Commenting on the new product launch, co-founder Mo Carrier, founder of MyBliss, said:

“We are so excited to announce that our luxury male condoms are now available! So much thought, love and care went into the design and creation of this product, to make sure that it really does live up to our claims.

“I spent so many years struggling with horrendous side-effects of hormonal contraception, from painful cystic acne to mood swings, because there was – and still is – a massive stigma around women buying condoms. When I came off my hormonal contraception, the only male condoms the market had to offer were all aimed at men and full of chemicals that aren’t kind to women’s bodies. I decided that enough was enough.

“I hope that our condoms offer women a non-hormonal contraception option which is kind to their bodies but also looks nice and breaks that stigma that we have endured for so long.”

A box of 12 MyBliss condoms is now available for a one-time purchase price of £14.99 or as a subscription service with a 5% discount on every order.

More information about MyBliss, their condoms and their upcoming broader product range is available on their website.