AST Plastic Containers UK AdBlue 10 litre jerry can

AST Plastic Containers, a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic containers based in North Wales, has won a contract for its 10 litre jerry cans to be used with AdBlue®, the exhaust fluid designed to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel vehicles.

AST, based on the Wrexham industrial estate, was awarded the contract by Yara, the world’s largest producer of AdBlue®.

Yara UK has supplied heavy-duty vehicles with AdBlue® since the technology was launched 15 years ago. Nowadays, the same system is applied on virtually all new diesel passenger cars, removing dangerous NOx from the exhaust.

AdBlue® is stored in a separate reservoir and is topped up via a (usually) blue filler cap located either next to your fuel filler, in the boot or under the bonnet.


AST’s 10 litre jerry cans are designed with an integrated flexible spout contained within the side wall of the container to enable easy topping up of a vehicle’s AdBlue® tank.

“We are delighted to be adding AST to our AdBlue® value chain. It will fulfil an important part of our customer promise in the UK market,” said Paul Norman, Yara’s Business Manager in the UK.

“Diesel cars emit less CO2 than petrol cars. Cleaned with AdBlue®, they are the most sustainable bridge to zero emissions mobility”, Norman continued. “This cooperation is another step in Yara’s mission to protect the planet. The citizens of the UK have a right to clean air, AdBlue® contributes to that.”

Matthias Hochholzer, Managing Director of AST Plastic Containers in the UK, commented: “AdBlue® is fast becoming an essential fluid to enable diesel drivers to use their vehicles whilst adhering to the Government’s emissions regulations. Our specialist jerry cans, which we have been using in Germany for a while in 5 and 10 litre versions, have been designed specifically for the AdBlue® business and enable easy transportation.

“We are looking forward to working with Yara here in the UK and can’t wait to start supplying the company with the containers it needs to transport this in-demand product.”

As societies around the world face multiple challenges because of the COVID-19 crisis, it is essential to keep supply chains working. Vehicles using AdBlue® to meet emission requirements do not function without AdBlue, meaning road transportation is dependent on it.

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V (VDA).