Growing tech firm and intranet pioneers, Oak Engage has brought an innovative solution to businesses as mandatory vaccinations roll out across the UK.

Newcastle-based Oak Engage has expanded their cutting-edge all-in-one intranet platform to help employers remain fully compliant with new regulation, allowing them to track and trace employees and help address exposures related to COVID-19.

The SaaS platform which is easily accessible via desktop or mobile allows business to easily:

  • Track and trace employees, locations & departments
  • Target people who are at risk for infection quickly and efficiently
  • Distribute content out to relevant parties depending on their status
  • Record test results and share with line managers
  • Remain compliant with regulations
  • Rapid roll out in days

Will Murray, Chief Executive Officer at Oak Engage said: “The working world has changed dramatically over the last 18 months which means intranets have become even more essential for organisations. That’s why we’ve developed a fully integrated COVID-19 resilience pack to help companies across various sectors manage their workforce.”


“We want to make sure businesses are fully prepared. Not staying up to date with the latest COVID-19 regulation could have a serious impact and we wanted to release businesses of that burden. Our cutting-edge covid resilience pack is fully integrated and offers one place to easily find and consume relevant information. It ensures that the right information reaches the right employee at the right time through Smart Delivery, so businesses can have peace of mind.”

“Oak is revolutionising the digital workplace and with the work we have done so far we are just beginning to see how transformational our new approach to an intranet can be.”

Oak can deliver push notifications to the entire workforce across mobile and desktop to deliver important information instantly and their comprehensive suite of analytics also gives businesses full visibility of the COVID-19 status across the whole organisation.

Oak Engage helps businesses connect and engage with their people and is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Aldi, Five Guys, ITV and Miller Homes. To request a demo visit their website to see how Oak can work for your business.