Sales of sports products seen in the Olympics increase by 102% in September compared to when the games began 

Another memorable Olympics saw the arrival of several new sports to the competition, including baseball/softball, karate, skateboard, sports climbing and surfing, and it appears the Olympic spirit has influenced the world to take on a new hobby, as sales of Olympic-related goods has increased by up to 102% on Cumbria-headquartered ecomm marketplace in September compared when the games began on 23rd July.

The Olympic games play a key role in inspiring younger generations to take on new sports that may not be as mainstream in media. The effects of Olympic role models such as Tom Daley, Simone Biles, and Elaine Thompson-Herah, as well as young superstars such as Momiji Nishiya are clearly visible in inspiring the next generation of Olympic athletes. Fruugo saw sales of several Olympic sport products increase in August compared to the previous month, including:

  • Gymnastic equipment – 160%
  • Fencing equipment – 175%
  • Skateboards – 250%
  • Equestrian equipment – 137.5%

Håkan Thyr, Chief Revenue Officer for Fruugo, believes the growing demand for online service will only continue to influence the young generation to try out these sports. “With so many different sports being viewed by countries from all around the world it opens up an opportunity for new audiences to try out different hobbies. Today’s range of online shopping options allows these audiences to have easy access to these unique sports and is the first step for many in trying out a new talent, and getting closer to the sporting action seen over the last few months.”