Tanzeel Rehman

After escaping a life of poverty, a North-West entrepreneur has not only built a new home for himself in Manchester but also a thriving business.

Tanzeel Rehman, originally from Okara, Pakistan, is inspiring people from similar backgrounds to achieve their goals and believe that anything is possible after becoming a successful business owner.

His company, TR Forensic Accountants, has taken on five employees since launching and is looking into further expansion in the near future.

Despite his current success, Tanzeel did not have an easy start in life.


As a child in Pakistan, he grew up navigating the challenges of poverty, relying on riding a horse carriage or bicycle to school.

“From dusty roads in Pakistan to the bustling streets of Manchester. It’s been quite a journey,” said Tanzeel.

“Despite now driving a luxurious car and enjoying amenities beyond what I thought possible, I remain grounded in my roots. Remembering where I came from is essential; it keeps me humble and appreciative of everything I have.”

In 2005, Tanzeel pursued a Commerce degree at the University of Lahore with the dream of obtaining an accountancy qualification, commuting to campus on a second-hand motorbike while fellow students arrived in cars.

Unfortunately, financial struggles led him to spend a decade working in challenging jobs instead of pursuing his passion for accounting further, however this only fuelled his desire to achieve his dream.

Tragedy struck following a relocation to the UAE in 2015, as Tanzeel was faced with a job loss and the death of his mother. This did not deter him, and after his father sold the family home to help fund his future, Tanzeel moved to Dubai.

In 2019, the entrepreneur moved again, this time to the UK, where he faced new challenges such as a different culture, new language and a highly competitive job market that saw him working 15-hour days.

The 41-year-old obtained his AAT accountancy practice licence, however this was not completed without further sorrow and struggle. In 2021, after he welcomed twins with his wife, his baby daughter succumbed to complications from the birth and passed away.

“It hasn’t been easy. I fell in love with accounting, but it was a tough road,” he said. “In the face of financial struggles and personal loss, I chose determination over despair, turning adversity into fuel for my journey.

“The UK welcomed me, and I embraced the challenge, knowing that growth often emerges from the unknown.

“I never imagined doing this from where I was. I’m very proud and thankful to all those who helped get me here including my parents who sacrificed a lot.

Based in Cardinal House, Manchester, TR Forensic Accountants handles a wide range of accounting services with a focus on specialist forensic accounting such as expert witness report writing for legal practices undertaking civil cases.

With a growing clientele, it aims to surpass its current achievements and reach new milestones since launching in 2022.

Tanzeel added: “The journey ahead isn’t just about numbers; it’s about shaping success stories and leaving our mark. I want to inspire others to do what I did. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”