Rent out your campervan or motorhome with PaulCamper

Dirk Fehse PaulCamper’s CEO believes the pandemic has brought about a shift of travellers’ attitudes towards campervan and motorhome holidays meaning there is no better time to become a lender

More than 10,000 owners across Europe now rent out their campervan or motorhome through PaulCamper

Over the past two months, more than 150 owners have onboarded their campervans and motorhomes to the platform with more being added daily

With staycations all the rage Dirk Fehse, PaulCamper’s CEO, believes the pandemic has brought about a shift of travellers’ attitudes towards campervan and motorhome holidays and, with it, an increased number of owners keen to secure good financial returns by renting out their campervans and motorhomes.

PaulCamper is Europe’s largest online platform for motorhome and campervan sharing and over the past two months more than 150 new campervans and motorhomes have signed up to rent out their vehicles and secure extra income.

More than 10,000 owners across Europe are now signed up with PaulCamper and benefitting from great earning potential with some amassing financial returns of thousands of pounds a year.

Commenting on the pandemic and the resultant shift of attitudes to campervan and motorhome rental, PaulCamper CEO Dirk Fehse said: “I am really pleased to see so many British holidaymakers are interested in camping holidays and in our range of new and exciting staycation options for this summer and beyond.

“There is no doubt the pandemic and associated lockdowns have changed travel views and attitudes. The camping trend can almost no longer be described as a trend, I see it rather as a general rethinking when it comes to considering travel options.

“For this reason, it is great to see so many owners coming onboard with their vehicles and the steady increase of those signing up with us means we can continually offer a more diverse portfolio of campervans and motorhomes to those looking to rent.

“I’d encourage anyone who owns a motorhome or campervan and has it just sitting there when not used to consider joining us and secure a rental income.  Additionally, whether a seasoned camper or new to the experience, I hope all of our UK renters are excited by PaulCamper’s diverse range of motorhomes and campervans available for their staycations and I wish them happy camping!”

There are many myths around lending out campervans and motorhomes, but owners can be assured renting their vehicle out with PaulCamper will be a positive experience.

All campervans and motorhomes on the platform are fully insured via Allianz, so any vehicle can be rented out, worry-free. A deposit is also taken at the time of booking, covering any excess insurance may charge if the need arises.

Listing a vehicle with PaulCamper couldn’t be easier in just a few simple steps on the online platform. The owner decides the price and, once listed, a potential renter sends a booking request via the PaulCamper website. The owner then receives the request and has 48 hours to respond and answer any questions. Only when owner and renter are in agreement does any contract become binding. There’s also a team of experts on hand, should owners need them.

PaulCamper works with a payment service provider called MANGOPAY, where funds are held securely until they are paid out on the first day of the rental period. This ensures owners receive the payment into their account a few days later.

If owners are looking for extra earning potential and have a motorhome or campervan sitting in a garage or on a drive, unused, PaulCamper could be just the answer….