Richard Partington with the VPP inverter and battery

A ground-breaking new green energy system which can cut electricity bills and help slash carbon emissions has been launched by one of the country’s leading specialists in cutting-edge renewable technology.

AceOn Energy says its new Renewergy Virtual Power Plant (VPP) can play a major part in helping the UK meet its climate change targets in the next 20 years.

And it says the rollout of the Renewergy VPP system will also bring cost savings for householders and new revenue streams for councils, social housing providers and developers.

Richard Partington, managing director of Telford-based AceOn Energy, said the launch was a hugely exciting step for the company and offered a real win-win for homeowners and developers.


“We have developed a truly unique, innovative system using the very latest battery storage technology and smart energy management software which allows homes to capture solar energy and then store it in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way for later use.

“This system not only drives down electricity costs for the homeowner or tenant, but makes the most efficient use possible of renewable energy and also provides a revenue stream when the surplus power is sold back to the National Grid.

“This makes it particularly attractive for local authorities, social housing providers and developers across the country who must meet their own carbon emission targets but also want to generate a return on their capital investment.

“All this in a system which can be both retro-fitted to existing homes and installed in new developments and is small enough to fit in a cupboard under stairs.

“We are convinced that through the Renewergy VPP we can play a really significant part in helping this country achieve its legal obligation to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2050. That is good news for the environment, good news for the country and good news for householders, landlords and builders too.”

The Renewergy VPP is already being fitted as part of a £1million project to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty in Shropshire.

The AceOn Group is working in partnership with The Wrekin Housing Group and BEW Electrical Wholesalers to install green energy systems into 68 existing homes and a further 11 brand new energy-efficient properties.

AceOn has signed partnership agreements with both the National Housing Federation and APSE – the Association for Public Sector Excellence – in recent months, underlining its position as a trusted provider of innovative energy storage solutions.

The company has a national reputation as a battery specialist, with over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of custom-built battery packs and the distribution of industrial and consumer batteries to the worldwide market.

The energy division provides a training, service and distribution centre to offer a full turnkey solution for residential and commercial battery energy storage systems.