Nicola Docking

Poke Marketing has announced the appointment of its new Managing Director as the company looks towards its third year of operation.

The news will see the current Head of Strategy Nicola Docking lead the team of ten, marking a significant milestone for the business and strengthening its position as a serious player in the region’s creative sector. It is on track to hit a seven-figure turnover target in the next twelve months and to welcome a further six members of staff.

Founding members Andrew Binns and Mark Harrington will continue as Poke’s Director and Creative Director, while Nicola bolsters the company’s impressive growth plans with her proven track record of working with the organisation since its inception.

Speaking from their Liverpool HQ, Andrew said: “Nicola’s expertise, combined with the existing talent pool and resources that we are proud to have here at Poke, will ensure our agency’s continued success in delivering for our clients. We’re no longer a group of ex agency directors who had a vision to create something brilliant. We’re there now and we’re being noticed for the impact that we are having.


“As Poke enters its third year, things are changing rapidly, and we are constantly challenging ourselves – striving for creativity and pushing the boundaries of innovation. The decision to make Nicola MD is one that we have made collectively and it reflects the agency’s dedication to provide our clients with the cutting-edge marketing strategies that we deliver. We exist to make a lasting impression on the industry and set new standards for what’s expected when it comes to doing great work.”

Since November 2020, Poke Marketing’s blend of strategic thinking, creative prowess, and data-driven insights has garnered accolades from clients and industry experts alike.

The agency has been instrumental in partnering with diverse clients, including Professional Liverpool, Liverpool Cathedral and Oxford River Cruises, helping them build strong brand identities, enhance customer engagement, and drive measurable business outcomes.

Nicola said: “As Poke Marketing looks to the future, we remain dedicated to fostering collaborative relationships, embracing emerging technologies, and staying at the forefront of consumer behaviour and global marketing trends.

“I truly believe that we are poised to take our creative capabilities to new heights and that we will deliver even more value to our clients as we enter this next chapter.”