Chocolate orange trend: Prodigy Snacks bar likened to a 'healthy' Terry's Chocolate Orange

New research reveals one in twenty men in the UK had already eaten their advent calendar chocolates by mid-November.

With the festive season just around the corner, a survey of 2,000 Brits revealed many chocoholics have already raided their festive stash – with nearly 10% of Brits confessing to cracking open the Christmas chocolates before mid November.

The poll by plant-based chocolate brand Prodigy Snacks lifted the lid on a nation of chocolate fiends, with a whopping 85% confessing they are unable to share their chocolate stash with friends and family.

And many of the chocolate-lovers surveyed revealed they eat theirs when no one is looking. One in 10 people admitted to eating their chocolate in secret, with a similar number eating their snacks in hiding.


An addictive fix, many said they are unable to put chocolate down once they start, with nearly a quarter of Brits (23%) eating their chocolate all in one sitting.

Whether it be in bed (15%), the bath (5%) or troffed down with alcohol (8%), it’s clear that chocolate is often the highlight of people’s day. The findings by London-based Prodigy Snacks showed one in 10 people will save their chocolate for the end of the day, with a similar number pin-pointing a time in the week for a sweet treat.

Sameer Vaswani, Founder of Prodigy Snacks, said: “It’s clear from the results that us Brits have a love affair with chocolate yet many also want to be a bit healthier next year. Thankfully there are now healthier chocolate options that taste great and are made with natural ingredients.

“We pride ourselves on guilt-free, indulgent chocolate that isn’t packed with refined sugar, palm oil and other nasties. Prodigy offers shoppers a healthier, plant-based alternative to your favourite flavours, such as Snickers, Bounty or Terry’s Chocolate Orange.”

After months in and out of lockdown restrictions, a quarter of those surveyed confessed they had eaten more treats this year. Interestingly women are among the main indulgers, with a third of females (33%) confessing to eating more of the naughty stuff in lockdown.

Unsurprisingly, almost one in five (18%) claimed the pandemic, and love of treats, had seen their grocery bills rise in recent months.

More than one in five people claiming their guilty pleasure is watching Netflix while snacking. Despite being a nation of chocolate fiends, 60 per cent have vouched to be healthier in 2021.

The bars are available via the Prodigy web shop, Ocado,, independent health retailers and online stockists.