The Pure Booch range of drinks

Warwickshire-based brewer Purity Brewing Company has announced this week the launch of Pure Booch, a range of authentically slow-brewed ‘pure’ kombucha drinks, and the brewer’s first foray into a category outside of the beer market in its 18-year history.

Authentically slow brewed Pure Booch is low in sugar, naturally flavoured and free from preservatives, and from launch is available in four flavours – Original, Ginger and Lime, Cranberry, and Grapefruit, across three strikingly designed formats – 330ml cans, 250ml bottles and 1l bottles. In line with the Purity’s strong environmental ‘Pure ECO’ credentials, Pure Booch supports the brewers move away from conventional plastic labels, in favour of a new sustainable wood-based alternative.

Unlike other brands on the market, Pure Booch is raw and unpasteurised, keeping it real with live cultures and bacteria. It is the creation of Patrick ‘Paddy’ O’Connor, whose Birmingham-born Kombucha brewery or ‘Boochery’ as founders Paddy and Paul like to refer to it as, has now become part of the award-winning Purity Brewing Co. family.

Purity’s vision with Pure Booch is to demonstrate the versatility of authentically brewed Kombucha. Not only as a healthy alternative to soft sugary drinks, but as a drink after sports, cocktail mixer, on the go or a substitute to alcohol. With the brewer’s close links to the sports arena notably Wasps RFC and Aston Villa FC alongside a number of high profile music festivals including Mosely Folk, Mostly Jazz and Camper Calling they’re keen to expose a wider audience to their slow brewed Kombucha.


Kombucha is a fermented, naturally sparkling soft drink full of live cultures, and is a healthier alternative to soft drinks and mixers as it’s lower in sugar and full of live cultures and bacteria. Pure Booch is slow brewed for 30 days using a unique blend of green and black tea and is fermented with sugar and a SCOBY (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Being a live authentic brewed kombucha Pure Booch should always be stored cold and served chilled.

Paul Halsey, Founder and CEO at Purity Brewing Co. commented: “With the launch of our low ABV offering Point Five earlier this year we knew how important the N0L0 market and category is becoming in the UK, with more than 25% of young people aged 18-24 classing themselves as ‘non-drinkers’.

He continued: ‘As a long-term user of Kombucha, I understand the health benefits but also the versatility it can bring. Being a brewed product it felt natural to bring a Kombucha into the Purity portfolio. With kombucha now recognised as one of the fastest growing drinks categories in UK we see this investment as a fantastic opportunity for both Purity Brewing Co. and Pure Booch’

Patrick O’Connor, Co-Founder of Pure Booch Co. commented: “I’m excited to be partnering with Purity Brewing Company on this new venture, from the outset it was clear we share the very same values around high quality, great tasting sustainable drinks. With Purity’s high value investment into the ‘Boochery’ its our vision for Pure Booch to shake up the market and become one of the leading authentically brewed kombucha brands in the UK, producing only the very best slow brewed kombucha, as it’s meant to be.”

Supporting the launch, Purity has invested into developing a standalone ecommerce website and new social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Already available in the off trade across Planet Organic stores London, Pure Booch is also stocked at Purity’s tap room PureCraft Bar & Kitchen in Birmingham.