A pioneering virtual power plant which uses green technology to cut carbon emissions and fuel poverty has created a wave of interest after being showcased at two virtual events.

AceOn Energy highlighted the ground-breaking Renewergy system at the Low Carbon Homes events staged from Liverpool and Kent and say they were delighted with the response.

Managing director Richard Partington said he had received a number of inquiries from councils and housing associations about Renewergy as a result of the events, which were ‘virtually’ attended by more than 250 people.

Richard showed both events how the Renewergy Virtual Power Plant uses the latest battery storage technology and smart energy management software to capture solar energy and then store it in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way for later use.

The system can be fitted to both new and old homes and helps the fight against climate change by slashing carbon emissions whilst also cutting fuel bills for the homeowner or tenant.

“We gave presentations at both the Liverpool and Kent events detailing just what an impact Renewergy can have in helping councils, housing associations and developers meet their climate change targets, whilst also lifting homeowners and tenants out of the misery of fuel poverty.

“The feedback we received at both events could not have been more positive, with lots of engagement around our VPP and some great new connections made.

“We have received a number of positive enquiries from councils and housing associations who see the potential to both tackle poverty and climate change through our VPP approach and we are very much looking forward to Low Carbon Homes’ future events centred around Oxfordshire, Manchester and Portsmouth.”

Low Carbon Homes brings global domestic energy efficiency innovation to the UK’s regions via a nationwide event series focused on the challenges of retrofitting the nation’s existing 25 million homes with renewable technology.

AceOn launched Renewergy at the end of last year. The VPP not only drives down electricity costs for the user but it also makes the most efficient use possible of renewable energy and provides a revenue stream when the surplus power is sold back to the National Grid.

AceOn has signed partnership agreements with both the National Housing Federation and APSE – the Association for Public Sector Excellence – in recent months, underlining its position as a trusted provider of innovative energy storage solutions.

The company has a national reputation as a battery specialist, with over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of custom-built battery packs and the distribution of industrial and consumer batteries to the worldwide market.

The energy division provides a training, service and distribution centre to offer a full turnkey solution for residential and commercial battery energy storage systems.