SAS, the leader in analytics and AI, unveils a partnership with Cruxo and MCube to help retailers accelerate growth with an Omnichannel Retail Media Platform. Through this partnership, brands can plan and execute their advertising campaigns in retailers’ offline and online advertising spaces, whether it’s an in-store screen, app, email, or website.

In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, where the digital and physical realms intersect, SAS and Cruxo, two industry leaders with a proven track record in delivering digital retail media solutions, are taking center stage with a new partnership with M-Cube, which promises with the DXP One Digital Signage platform, to connect the in-store retail media and revolutionize the business. SAS and Cruxo have been pioneers in digital retail media, allowing retailers to maximize revenue from their advertising spaces.

“We’re thrilled to see our partners creating value on top of SAS technology. Our SAS 360 Match headless ad server is inherently open to the entire advertising ecosystem, which means that the retail media solutions developed by Cruxo in this collaboration can be extended to the offline advertising space, such as in-store screens,” said Steve Perks, Head of Advertising Technology, SAS EMEA.

This initiative, tailored primarily for multi-brand omnichannel retailers, is poised to have a profound impact. While digital continues to gain prominence, the physical facet of retail remains the primary revenue driver, while the process of its utilization has been a blocker of maximum monetization. Through this collaboration, SAS and Cruxo seamlessly integrate their digital retail media tools with in-store merchandising and in-store media. This integration streamlines processes and empowers retailers to leverage the potential of omnichannel retail media models. The outcome? Enhanced operational efficiency, increased revenues, and elevated sales performance, marking a significant stride in the retail sector’s evolution.


“What makes this platform integration truly fascinating is the synergy between digital and physical. Digital retail media may have a smaller volume, but it commands higher margins, around 80%. In-store retail media, which contributes an average of 90% of revenues, relies on infrastructure and operates with a margin of around 30%. By uniting digital and physical, the dynamics are mutually enhanced,” said Leonardo Comelli, Chief Products and Solutions Manager at M-Cube.

Users will have the convenience of planning campaigns and managing various treatments all in one place, from reserving spaces to overseeing operations and launching campaigns. This diversity of options includes planning and purchasing digital ad formats such as sponsored product ads, hero banners, and video galleries, as well as planning sponsored search or x-sell carousels for e-commerce sites while adding in-store merchandising and in-store radio and TV.

“This collaboration signifies a key moment for the retail sector. The benefits of online channels will become available at the physical point of sale, including video and in-store radio. We are thrilled to collaborate with SAS and MCube to take our commitment to innovation to new heights,” added Matej Novak, Founder of Cruxo.