SPARBAR® Brand Ambassador "She Beast" Nadège Ndjebayi

SPARBAR, Ltd, the inventor and manufacturer of SPARBAR® boxing and fitness equipment, is pleased to welcome Nadège Ndjebayi to its team of Brand Ambassadors.

SPARBAR® brand founder, fitness and boxing innovator Jasvinder “Jazz” Gill said, “It is a pleasure to welcome Nadège to the team and I cannot wait to start working together.” He continued, “Nadège’s dedication and perseverance are inspiring and reflect the values I hold dear and wish to instill throughout the SPARBAR® family. Nadège’s inspiring journey also has many parallels with the brand, such as her indomitable willpower, ability to overcome adversity and maintain true self-belief.”

French celebrity trainer “She Beast“ Nadège Ndjebayi started her fitness journey in 2012, after a tragic, abusive relationship that ended up with her being depressed, alcoholic, overweight, and unhappy with herself and her body. When Nadège hit rock bottom and had to find herself in an unsafe environment, she sought refuge and empowerment in fitness, martial arts, and MMA. “I was fighting for my life,“ Nadège says. Becoming “She Beast“ was like a re-birth. “I started a fitness journey, and knew that this is what I want to be doing. Getting into MMA as a woman is an experience of its own, but everyone made me feel welcome, and encouraged me to fight – in the ring, and to get control of my life,“ she adds.

Now living in Los Angeles, Nadege trains women who are looking not only for the same abs, but a vehicle for empowerment. Her passion is in educating her clients on not just their lifting technique, but also on how to find their self-worth. Nadège has expanded her fitness movement, inspiring women and all individuals to achieve personal growth through boxing as a workout.

“We all have that inner fire that we can bring to the surface through a strong body & sharp mind,” Ms. Ndjebayi said. “I want to help people stand up for themselves and for others, and empower instead of compete, and this is why I believe that the SPARBAR® boxing fitness equipment is an excellent addition to anyone’s journey towards being their best selves.”

SPARBAR® devices stand for the highest user interactions that teach core offensive and defensive skills such as hand-eye coordination, footwork and timing in a fun way and Ms. Ndjebayi has been keen to incorporate more time with the equipment in her own fitness regiment. “I really want to show everybody that if I did it, then you can do it for yourself. I joined the SPARBAR® family because the team and boxing and MMA equipment is designed to empower everyone to fight – for their fitness and for their mental health,” Ms. Ndjebayi said.