PHOTO CAPTION: Cllr Christopher Kettle, Community Protection Portfolio Holder for Stratford District Council, in Church Street car park, Stratford-upon-Avon, where one of the council’s 26 electric vehicle chargers is located.

Stratford District Council is installing air quality monitors at a primary school as part of a national campaign to reduce pollution and help the environment.

Clean Air Day on 17th June is a national campaign focussing this year on improving air quality for children. The campaign aims to improve understanding and awareness of air pollution and easy actions to tackle it.

As part of this year’s Clean Air Day, the council is partnering with local firm AQMesh to install two air quality monitors at Thomas Jolyffe Primary School in Stratford-upon-Avon.

By showing how pollutant levels vary throughout the day, the data from the air quality monitors could be used to encourage parents to use alternatives to driving where possible.

Children are recognised as most vulnerable to the harmful effects of air pollution because their lungs are still growing and those with respiratory conditions are more at risk of asthma attacks.

Other schools are being encouraged to raise awareness about air pollution and can find out how to create a tailored clean air action plan from reducing the volume of traffic outside a school to educating pupils on the causes of air pollution.

This adds to the several key initiatives the council has implemented across departments to improve air quality.

This has included installing 26 electric vehicle charging points in public car parks, requiring air quality and climate change impact assessments and mitigation with major planning applications and working with partners on initiatives to improve central heating for off gas properties.

Cllr Christopher Kettle, Community Protection Portfolio Holder at Stratford District Council, said: “Stratford District Council is committed to supporting national Clean Air Day on June 17 to improve, in particular, air quality around schools.

“School pick and drop off are some of the busiest times for local traffic – leaving the car at home can cut congestion, improve air quality and improve health.”

Businesses are also being asked to consider how they can contribute to improving local air quality, including upgrading business vehicles to electric through OZEV funding.