Strong security foundations crucial as British businesses return to WFH


With British citizens once again told to work from home where possible, the sharp U-turn from the Government is making businesses increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, as they scramble to adjust how employees can continue to work without disrupting business processes.

Nic Sarginson, Principal Solutions Engineer at Yubico, advises that companies across UK can stay ahead of this uncertainty over working patterns and make sure their employees are safe from cyber attack:

“The ambiguity of the Government’s guidance will see employees switching between home, office and everywhere in between like never before. The initial move to WFH took many organisations by surprise, and went completely against their cultural and technical grain, and employees who were never a target before suddenly found themselves in the firing line for cyberattacks – but without adequate protection. That’s how the recent Twitter breach saw the profiles of some of the world’s most powerful people hacked– a simple phishing attack on an employee at a ‘lower level’ allowed hackers to impersonate Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Bill Gates, to name a few. After all, how can the cheap consumer router in most people’s homes, along with just a username and password, compare to corporate network security? Users are in effect now working in a coffee shop style shared network environment at home but with much lower perimeter security.

“Security teams must see this next stage as an opportunity for longevity, investing in the right tools to ensure the agility and flexibility that organisations need right now. A strong organisational security foundation will be critical to ride this current wave of uncertainty, and that must include the enablement of multi-factor authentication wherever possible. With a dispersed and unpredictable workforce, securing logins really is the first line of defence and will ensure employees are accessing business critical services and applications as safely as possible.”

In light of this, Yubico, inventor of the world’s first security keys, announced this week the availability of its YubiEnterprise Subscription to British businesses. Historically in the UK, YubiKeys – which deliver strong hardware protection, with a simple touch, across any number of IT systems and online services – have been sold on a per-device basis, but in today’s new norm of remote work, and with increases in COVID-related cyber attacks, businesses in the UK can arm their employees with the tools required to secure them at every log in.