Sumitomo Corporation Europe Donates Over 100 Laptops to SocialBox.Biz

Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation a global organisation with over 65,000 employees worldwide, recently made a generous donation of over 100 laptops that are no longer needed but still useful to community interest initiative: SocialBox.Biz.

Working to handover laptops and other items to the homeless, elderly, and refugees in accommodation services, SocialBox.Biz is taking something old and unneeded, and completely changing people’s lives.

SocialBox.Biz oversees a laptop handover initiative with open source software to those in accommodation services.

Since launching it a few years ago, the initiative is on track for hitting the 1,000 handover mark in 2020, now with the assistance from Sumitomo Corporation Europe.


“We couldn’t do it without the selfless companies that decide to look beyond profit and invest in the people of our amazing communities,” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz. “We want to thank the Sumitomo Corporation Europe for their incredibly generous donation.”