UK holidaymakers ready to travel again

Holidays close to home are in for a mini boom this year as holidaymakers show greater confidence in UK holidays. A recent survey by destination site Travioso found that 68% of holidaymakers are expecting to be able to take a holiday in the UK this year, while only 61% think that holidays abroad will be possible. The survey polled UK travellers who have taken an overseas holiday in the last 2 years, asking them about their next expected holiday.

Although this represents significant confidence that UK travel will be back to normal for a lot of brits this summer, there are still some who are not confident that they will be able to get away on holiday this year.

Of those hoping to travel this summer, 95% expect they will have to adhere to some COVID-19 related restrictions such as social distancing or wearing a mask while on holiday, with 67% expecting masks to still be required this summer, and 65% expecting to be social distancing while on holiday.

The results show some significant differences by age range too, with 77% of regular holidaymakers aged 18 – 24 expecting to be able to take a UK break this summer, with 60% of over 45’s thinking they’ll be getting a holiday abroad this year.

Is a mini boom on the way?

In what will be good news for UK travel agents, the Travioso survey showed only 23% of people expecting to holiday in the UK this summer have already booked their trips. This suggests that while people are hopeful of travel this year, they are not yet feeling confident enough to book their 2021 travel just yet, which means that UK campsite, hotels and resorts could be in for a booking boom as restrictions are eased and customers gain the confidence to book again.