DE MOI® Conscious Beauty now at Selfridges, Life Pharmacy

Following the successful UK retail market entry at John Bell & Croyden, official Pharmacists to Her Majesty The Queen, Swiss purpose-led beauty brand DE MOI® is now also available at Selfridges (Life Pharmacy), Oxford Street.

DE MOI® founder Demee Koch: “Selfridges is voted as the World’s Best Department store, so this listing means a bigger platform for us to grow our Conscious Beauty movement in the UK and beyond.“

“At Life Pharmacy we pride ourselves in catering to the needs of our diverse clients, holding a range of luxury products that are found nationally and internationally. Ensuring you’re always left with a smile.” – Life Pharmacy Selfridges

DE MOI® is silently making big tides in the beauty industry due to the brand’s 360° impact approach. The indie brand is listed amongst major commercial brands in reputable medical aesthetic clinics, hotels, specialty stores, pharmacies and department stores worldwide – an unusual success for a non-corporate brand. “Our brand has been growing organically globally. It is curated by key opinion leaders and decision makers who share our values about social impact. We only list under ethical business practices, not mainly for profit margins,” Koch reveals.

British Vogue summarizes the brand’s products as follows: DE MOI® develops result-oriented, clean, and cruelty free products that give back.

In her two decades of experience, Koch has witnessed the negative effects of the beauty and luxury industries. Now she sets out to establish a concrete change in an industry that contributes to massive amounts of packaging waste and mental health issues.

With her brand DE MOI®, she specializes in creating products that are as good for the environment as they are for your self-care routine. DE MOI® delivers high-quality, result-oriented, multi-purpose beauty products that use the laws of science and gifts of nature. The brand’s commitment shines through Koch’s dedication to ethical business practices.

With a mind full of determination and a team of experienced and passionate change makers, Koch spearheaded the Conscious Beauty movement through DE MOI®, which immediately received recognition and appreciation from leading industry experts and royalty.

What is Conscious Beauty about? “It’s about taking the vanity out of the beauty industry. We demand full respect for each individual’s desire for self-care with honest marketing and thoughtfulness in development.”

Demee Koch’s campaigns for fairness and ethical practices in the beauty industry and entrepreneurship overall make an important contribution to the unstoppable shift in the way consumers choose their favourite brands. Conscious consumerism is on the rise, and makes way for genuinely ethical brands to stand out.

Her no-nonsense philosophy to conscious entrepreneurship has enabled Koch to become a game-changer in the self-care product segment.

The Universal Peace Federation of the UK appointed Koch as an Ambassador of Peace 2021. It is only fair to say that Koch’s footprints will continue to inspire consumers and entrepreneurs alike to create a purpose-led journey.

Koch’s next step in the UK will be a round-table discussion about Beauty & Mental Health at the House of Lords during Fashion Week London in February 22. “Me and my team highly appreciate the strong presence we are given in the UK to spread the message about healthy, conscious beauty practices.“