UKSE funding supports entrepreneur’s unique business idea

A North Lincolnshire entrepreneur has launched a new business that aims to facilitate change within the construction and engineering sectors by delivering bespoke industry-specific training relating to mental health and disabilities.

30-year-old Luke Coggon, from Haxey, spent several years delivering mental health awareness presentations at different construction sites and offices across the UK.

He has now launched Thinking Differently Industry, which works to connect businesses, industry leaders, recruitment agencies, mental health/disability professionals and charity organisations to raise awareness and enact change within the sector.

Luke is further planning to deliver online information sessions, as well as becoming a Mental Health First Aid Instructor in the industry.

In light of receiving kickstart grant funding from UKSE – a business that invests in steel areas in the UK – Thinking Differently Industry seeks to create impactful change which benefits the construction and engineering field as a whole in addition to local businesses and employees.

Alongside delivering presentations and online sessions, Luke plans to expand the business’s offerings to include a range of services for prospective clients, such as full reviews and gap analysis of wellbeing strategies.

Reflecting on the business, Luke commented: “Having worked in the construction and engineering industry for 8 years, I noticed that there was a need for greater mental health awareness in this field.

“On top of this, we need to recognise that disabled employees are considerably underrepresented in this industry. Whilst legislation is being passed to try and combat this, I believe that there also needs to be relationships built with businesses to provide confidence and a better understanding of disabled employees’ potential.

“Hopefully with this greater awareness and confidence, disabled employees will feel more able to put themselves forward for roles in construction and engineering.

“I would like to thank UKSE for providing me with this grant and aiding my ambitions to combat mental health and disability inequalities. This is a cause which I am incredibly passionate about, and living with disabilities myself, I know how important it is to facilitate conversations about these issues.”

Luke further added: “This funding will allow me to complete my home office space, as well as supporting the costs of insurance and marketing. Thanks to UKSE’s support, I will also be able to get my website live.”

The projected growth of Thinking Differently Industry over the next 18 to 24 months is expected to create multiple employment opportunities.

Alan Stanley at UKSE said: “It’s fantastic to see Luke’s drive and ambition to address such an important issue in the construction and engineering industry.

“I look forward to seeing how Thinking Differently Industry continues to develop over the coming years, as well as the impact of their work on the sector.”