Cybersecurity specialist Threat Protect is now working with Cyglass to provide an industry leading product suite that protects critical data from cyber-attacks and internal threats.

London, UK, /12/2020: Threat Protect has today announced a new partnership with Cyglass, a leading provider of network-centric, threat detection solutions. This new partnership brings Cyglass’s Network Defence as a Service (NDaaS) into Threat Protect’s Partner Ecosystem. Threat Protect will become part of the CyGlass Velocity Partner Program.

Cyglass is a leading provider of network-centric, threat detection solutions, bringing to market a unique technology that enables customers to uncover, pinpoint and respond to advanced cyber threats. With the constantly changing threat landscape, Cyglass makes it easy for organisations to plan, prioritise and protect their network.

“We are excited to add the Cyglass’ NDaaS into our matrix of security solutions” said Jonil Patel, Chief Information Security Officer at Threat Protect. “We pride ourselves on providing our clients with simple solutions that are effective at meeting each security need in an effective, cost-optimised way. Cyglass adds further capabilities to our portfolio, taking network defence to the next level by reducing the burden on IT teams.”

Cyglass’ NDaaS provides the ability to identify and detect threats, without the need for additional hardware, software or people and provides enhanced clarity for network defenders who need to understand where sensitive assets are located and how they are being protected.

Ed Jackowiak, President of CyGlass, adds, “Threat Protect is a welcome addition to our partner portfolio, and we look forward to a collaborative relationship. Their ‘trusted partnership’ approach to cybersecurity including tightening security controls, protecting important data, assessing risks, and detecting and responding to security incidents matches CyGlass’s go-to-market strategy. Our NDaaS solution fits perfectly into the Threat Protect model and will add significant value to their customers.”