Following the biggest holiday online shopping season ever in 2020, this year has the potential to be even bigger for online brands. To benefit from the growing appetite for e-commerce, retailers must consider the first interaction that consumers often have with their brand – the login box. In doing so, they will begin to understand the factors that can make the difference between gaining a new customer, and losing a potential or existing one.

Auth0’s modern approach to identity enables organisations to provide secure access to any application, for any user. Supported by the findings of its recent survey, here are three tips for retailers looking to foster sales, brand loyalty, and return business.

  • Know your customer (especially their login preferences): The login box may seem unimportant, but the options offered can make or break your onboarding and retention. Nearly half of UK consumers (48%) are more likely to sign up to an app if they can use biometric authentication; but only 14% of UK businesses offer it.
  • Keep things simple for registration and checkout: The login box shouldn’t be an obstacle, and brands that make it easy for customers to register or check out promote new and returning business. In fact 85% of UK consumers HAVE abandoned their cart or sign-up attempt due to an arduous login process.
  • Show that data protection is a priority: Nothing kills the festive spirit quicker than a stolen user account. Almost all (96%) of UK consumers expect companies to keep their personal information safe, and retailers who step up their security in the event of suspicious logins send a positive signal to their customers.

“Identity, or the login box, is where customer experience, security, and privacy meet – so it’s critical for online retailers to put it at the centre of their strategy as we head into what’s looking like another record-setting holiday shopping season,” says Marc Power, who oversees Auth0’s business in the UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa. “Our research shows retailers have a huge opportunity to increase sign ups and reduce churn by paying attention to the identity experiences their customers want. And a safe and simple login box could be just the thing that sets their brand apart from a competitor’s this season.”