Valkyrie, challenge everything and leave nothing behind - equipment especially for women and girls

Unlike most sports, Cricket has faced the worst possible timing of the pandemic including the potential easing of restrictions.

Yes, it’s true there’s never a good time for a lockdown, cricket retail “peak selling season” is March, April & May. The UK-wide shutdown wiped out a large part of the season in 2020 and the peak selling period for revenue for cricket brands in 2020. Fast forward to today and the partial re-opening and risk of further delays, means even with a return-to-play planned for the coming months, the industry needs to deliver a “normal” years product in half the time.

Viking Cricket, with a cricket shop in Silsden, West Yorkshire are celebrating its 5th Anniversary and is predicting a huge bounce in sales, though in a much shorter period of time than most years in which to grow the business and the regions cricketers game!

The Pandemic has hit businesses hard, especially those businesses under 5 years old, however Jeff Wilson, Founder and Managing Director of Viking Cricket wasn’t ready to be part of the 95% of business that don’t stay the course and close their doors for good.

“In what has been a  tough year we remain positive and if the start of 2021 is anything to go by, we are in for a really busy summer. The original lockdown couldn’t have come at a worse time for the cricket industry as March – June is our core selling months.” Says Wilson. “Having to close the business and our shop was very difficult. We did notice a quick upturn in visitors to our shop when restrictions eased which was fantastic to have the support of the cricketing public.” However that was short lived with the end of season coming only too quick.

In a deliberate strategic move before the pandemic hit, Jeff focussed on 4 things within the business which has led to the company’s strong foundation.

  1. High Quality products as recognised with several industry awards
  2. A high street presence, allowing cricketers to touch, feel and assess the best fit for them
  3. Building a strong clan of followers via social media, his website and sponsorship of a number of professional players across the UK
  4. An exclusive full range of equipment for the women cricketers, with active feedback and participation from England’s Jenny Gunn MBE creating a superb Valkyrie range.

It’s no surprise that cricketers across the county are eagerly awaiting the shops re-opening on the 13th April in Silsden, West Yorkshire. As past visitors will know, the expert service and hands on approach from Jeff, makes it a memorable and pleasant experience that is worth repeating as the players games improve.