Twisted reinvents its own classic to launch ‘Remake History’ collection

Having famously bought some of the remaining 240 Defender vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover’s ceased production line in 2016, Twisted Automotive is releasing a batch of new-build vehicles to offer fans the chance to own a piece of motoring history.

Twisted’s ‘Remake History’ collection will include 45 limited edition vehicles that pay homage to the history of the original Land Rover. The collection includes the Twisted Classic Series II, Classic Series IIA, Lightweight, Classic Series III and Stage One V8. Build slots will be made available on January 29 2019 to mark three years to the day since the end of Land Rover production.

Each new vehicle has been adapted and modified to a pre-determined spec and has all the key elements of a Twisted – from comfort and performance to incredible handling on and off-road – while reflecting the Defender’s heritage and roots.

The release of the Remake History collection follows the overwhelming demand for the initial 20-vehicle Twisted Classic Series I range, launched in June 2017. The launch of the range came in addition to Twisted’s previous business model and complements Twisted’s philosophy of producing individual models, to the exacting specification of each customer.


The first build slots for Remake History will become available on January 29, with work taking place in order of commissions received. Each vehicle will feature a newly-developed internal build plaque that states its unique number in the series and will be 65 and 16-plate.

Charles Fawcett, founder of Twisted Automotive, said: “To own a Classic or V8 means you are part of a niche family of history-makers. We want Defender fans to experience a vehicle unlike any others they’ve ever seen or loved. Each build showcases, and reflects, key milestones in the design history of the original Defender.

“We’re incredibly proud of how Twisted has grown. We want people to join us on this journey to ‘Remake History’ together and be a huge part of this iconic vehicle’s impressive heritage.”

Prices for the Remake History collection start from £67,000 plus VAT. See below spec sheets for further information.

Classic Twisted Series II fleet specifications

Combining engineering excellence, a passion for performance and intricate hand-detailing, the Classic Twisted Series II is based on subtle design elements that were integral to the success of the original 1958 Series II.

Design elements from the Classic Series II pay homage to the original Land Rover Defender Series II, including sage green seat belts, a Classic Series II coach stripe and a retro steering wheel. The original LR Series II was produced between 1958 and 1961. The Classic Series II is already down to the final three, with only the following available:

  • Santorini Black 110 Utility
  • Santorini Black 90 Station Wagon
  • Fuji White 90 Utility

Remake History – Classic Series IIA

In 1961, Land Rover released the SIIA, with a number of design tweaks. On January 29 Twisted will release ten Series IIA units. These will be the first to display to the new Twisted Rostyle wheel and the newly designed body accents to highlight subtle changes made originally to the bodywork. Similar to the early 60s model, this vehicle is intended to be a true workhorse and is based entirely on the 110 derivatives from early 2016.

Remake History – Lightweight

Originally developed for the British Army, between 1968-1984 the military lightweight (which was originally heavier than the civilian variant) forms the penultimate model of our celebration to Remake History. Originally known as the Half Ton Lightweight, all 37,897 units produced were based on the Series IIA and III by the original manufacturer as a lighter version of their counterparts once it was stripped of its panels. This stage in the Twisted build schedule features ten lightweight models encompassing design details including a canvas rood, low backed classic seating, half height doors with fold down screen.

Remake History – Classic Series III

The most common series vehicle still on the roads, the 14-year production of the Series III began in 1971 and ceased in 1985. Designed with creature comforts in mind, the interior received a considered overhaul, with soundproofing and tinted glass among options. Twisted will re-engineer just 10 units to a specification taking subtle hints from the original Series III. Low back seats, a choice of interior material and our series safari stripe, form the nine 110s and 1 90 within this specific batch.

Remake History – Stage One V8

The Stage One V8 is the final chapter in Twisted’s Remake History celebration. ‘Stage One’ signified the first stage of investment into the manufacturer from the UK Government to enhance the product portfolio.

The Stage One V8 comprises fifteen vehicles, ten of which will be finished in the historic Welsh Grey with canvas hoods. The other five will be sold in their individual original colours from the factory. As each vehicle is built, unique touches will be apparent and the run will not exceed 15. These vehicles have been handpicked from our original order and were all built in the final three weeks of production as the Solihull factory in January 2016.

In essence, what your feet touch will be hard as the coal taken from the British mines of the same era, what you sit upon or touch with your hands will be soft, comfortable and tactile. The interior will include a seat inspired from the age of the deluxe cab option and the exterior will exude a working class, no nonsense approach.