Back in 2020 Jen Berezai, founder of the pets in rented homes advise organisation Advocats, became conscious of the enormous problems that renters were facing with regards to pet ownership. Only 7%* of landlords and their agents advertise properties as suitable for pets and 55%* have a blanket “no pets” policy. For people without pets in rented accommodation, pet ownership is often little more than a dream. Jen has begun the drive to bring about change to this situation.

The Tenant Fees Act of 2019 prohibits landlords or letting agents from requiring pet insurance and does not include pet deposits in the list of permitted payments. UKALA, together with many other organisations in the industry, believes that this has reduced options for landlords and letting agents, who have a much-reduced safety net for instances of pet damage. As a result, it has also reduced choice for tenants.

Tim Clark, UKALA Chairman says: “This proposed change is largely an opportunity for landlords and their letting agents, who miss out on excellent tenants; for tenants who face sometimes insurmountable obstacles to bringing their beloved pet into rented properties or else never acquire one at all; and for the pets who get abandoned, or are never adopted, and miss out on the loving home they deserve.”

*Battersea’s Pet Friendly Properties/ Jen Berezai


The UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA) is a Trade Association that supports its professional letting and management agent members to be successful, stay compliant and provide a high-quality service.

Based in central London, it represents the interests of members across the UK, works constructively with various government departments, and sits on many committees and policy input bodies.

UKALA membership fees, are based on the amount of client money a member business holds, being paid annually or monthly. It offers to improve standards through professional development and makes compliance easier by giving automatic membership to both a government-approved Client Money Protection scheme and an Independent Redress Scheme. Membership also offers a range of commercial discounted benefits as well as advice services, publications, newsletters and documents.

UKALA is member-owned and run for the benefit of members. Membership is currently circa 1200.

Martin Miller
The UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA) is a professional membership body which supports its agent members to stay legally compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment.