Uncle Joe's aniseed lozenges

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls has launched “20 per cent off” online special offers on several of its key brands to help sweet-lovers have a healthy and alcohol-free start to 2021.

The world famous premium sweet brand has promotions on its alcohol-free apple cider, dark rum, rhubarb and ginger gin, and wildberry gin flavours to help people embarking on a Dry January.

It is also promoting its four flavours of throat and chest lozenges and its herbal cough varieties, as well as the Uncle Joe’s sugar free range.

All are available at the discounted price on the Uncle Joe’s online sweet shop.

Uncle Joe’s lozenges come in natural, cherry, honey and lemon and aniseed flavours, with menthol and eucalyptus to naturally sooth and lubricate the throat. Uncle Joe’s has stepped up their distribution nationally so that they are much more widely available.

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are made by Wigan-based William Santus and Co Ltd, a privately-owned traditional sweet company that was established in 1898.

The ownership has been passed down through the family generations and joint Managing Directors John and Antony Winnard are the great, great nephews of the company’s founder.

They said: “January is traditionally the month when people try to be healthy after over-indulging at Christmas.

“Our alcohol-flavoured sweets enable them to enjoy the taste of something alcoholic during Dry January but, because they are alcohol free, they don’t have to feel guilty.

“If people are feeling a bit under the weather, our lozenges can help soothe their throat and our sugar free range can help those who are watching the calories.”

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are still manufactured using the same traditional methods as when Mrs Santus originally made the sweets in her kitchen in 1898.

The completely natural “secret recipe” has been passed down through the family generations. Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls contain no artificial additives or colours, they are GM free, gluten free and are suitable for the vegetarian/vegan market.