Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Even in the busiest moment of your life, taking time to relax is still crucial!  We intend to get sucked into our busy work schedules, but your mind and body also need some time to breathe. Implementing some relaxing activities into your hectic schedule can help reduce stress, which can have long-term effects on the body. Need some inspiration? Here are some activities to fit some relaxation into your schedule.

Take a nap!

When feeling overwhelmed due to your busy lifestyle, a 20-minute nap can already boost your energy. Make yourself comfy, set the alarm, and get some rest. Moreover, limiting your snooze period can actually improve your creativity and memory. Avoid 5- or 10-minute naps, as they can leave you feeling worse afterward. Upgrade your sleep experience with cozy bedding designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Read a book

Let’s take a break from your everyday responsibilities and get lost in a good book. Reading is a calming activity that also stimulates memory, vocabulary, and analytical skills. It brings peace of mind to your schedule while also being entertaining.

Zen with yoga

Obviously, stress affects us mentally and physically. Therefore, we need to loosen up those muscles and relieve any discomfort. Stress from a busy lifestyle is a major contributor to lower back pain. Yoga helps ease muscle tension by taking the body out of the “flight or fight” stage. It motivates you to focus on the movement of your breath, distracts you from anxious thoughts, and encourages a more positive outlook on life.


Stop scrolling

When we have time off, we tend to grab our phones, check emails, and scroll through social media. However, this does not qualify as relaxing. Try replacing this time with activities that calm and re-energize you, like journaling or meditating. You’ll feel more refreshed afterwards.

Listen to music

Music is always a good idea to find some peace and quiet in your mind. Tune in to some soothing songs that suit you the most. Let your mind drift away with the soothing songs and find internal calmness.

Yes, taking a break from your hectic schedule can be hard, but doing so helps you maintain a healthier balance with your personal and work life. You can recharge your mind and body, with only a couple of mindfulness activities every day. Good luck finding your zen moment!