Suzanne Casey and Rob Horgan, Velo Coffee Roasters

Velo Coffee Roasters is celebrating it launch into the UK high street, with listings in Aldi UK.

The company was created when Cork café owners Rob Horgan and Suzanne Casey realised their bought-in coffee was not up to scratch, from a taste or sustainability perspective.

Rob took matters into his own hands and went to Germany to take a roasting course with Probat Roasters and in 2018, launched Velo Tandem, having purchased a 12kg roaster to use at the side of his café.

Sales were so good that just one year later, Rob moved from roasting in the café to creating a purpose-built roastery just outside the city, with three members of staff. Today, the roastery has 15 full-time employees and Velo Coffee Roasters produces 12 coffees from regions all over the world, available in retail and online. They left the café business in 2020 so that Rob could focus on roasting. This month Rob sold his millionth bag into Aldi Ireland and launched in Aldi UK.


“We’re delighted,” says Rob. “Aldi has a real focus on sustainable products so it’s great to be involved, plus it means that Aldi UK customers can now bring home all of the quality they love from their favourite artisanal cafés and roasters.”

Velo believes that contributing to and organising projects at origin that are meaningful to the local community are imperative to make the biggest impact to its suppliers – for example, the company is working with its grower in El Salvador to bring STEM education to the local schools with the help of teachers in Cork. It also has a focus on new products and has just created a hot protein coffee, which is available online.