Kingsland Drinks launches Vin Crowd range

New research reveals Brits are quietly hoping for a lockdown Christmas – as many plan to avoid visiting relatives they don’t want to see and put a stop to ‘bad food and booze’ at festive gatherings.

As England faces into lockdown take two, a national survey of 2,000 people, by drinks brand Vin Crowd, found 44% are secretly looking forward to having a quieter Christmas this 2020.

Feeling confessional, a third admitted that Christmas restrictions would be the perfect excuse not to see ‘family they don’t like’, with nearly four in 10 people claiming it would help them to ‘avoid people they don’t want to see’ this festive holiday.

Amusingly, one survey participant described a rule of six Christmas as ‘no more bad food or booze with people you don’t really want to see.’* Keen to remain within their social bubble, another described a quiet Christmas a ‘relief’.


Tired of cheap Cava or the sherry dusted off from the back of the cupboard, nearly a quarter (22%) of those surveyed believed, as well as an improved guest list, lockdown would mean better quality booze would be served with lunch.

And just under 10% admitted to taking up cocktail making ahead of the break to boost the festivities.

Drinks expert Nathan McGivern, from Vin Crowd, said: “It is so important to remember that Christmas is a time for people to let their hair down. Whether it be with loved ones at home or celebrated in your social bubble, if you have the right crowd around you, Christmas is always going to be fun.

“The holidays are the perfect opportunity to don your mixologist hat, experiment in your home bar and try new drinks. Pre-mixed spritzers, like Vin Crowd, are an easy way to impress guests with cocktail hour in your home this winter.”

Not all are bar humbug, naturally there are those that worry the Government will not budge on the rules. 52% of those surveyed by Vin Crowd admitted any restrictions would result in them missing quality time with their loved ones.

And it would appear we all secretly anchor for someone else to do the cooking, with just one in 10 ‘strongly’ believing they will eat better in isolation this Christmas.

More than a quarter said they were sad to be missing their Christmas office party – with 17% setting up virtual parties to see the year out.

Vin Crowd is a pre-mixed, canned spritzer available in three flavours, launched this year by Manchester-based independent drinks company Kingsland Drinks.

The three can range contains; a crisp strawberry and raspberry based Pink Spritz, a zesty peaches and pears White Spritz and a fruity Botanical Spritz made from raspberries, juniper and gin. All three spritz products are vegan, are available in a 250ml can, and are the perfect go-to, to stock up in the fridge or for winter picnics.