Photo by Kira auf der Heide

Secret Santa can be a fun activity, a great way for colleagues to bond, or a cheap present-buying solution for a large friend group. However, there are usually restrictions on how much you can spend, and you are often left buying a gift for someone you do not know that well. To help get you through the holiday season, here are some tips on what you can get your secret Santa this year.

For the friend

If you are getting a gift for a friend, then you should already know something about them but if you are still struggling then try to make use of your established relationship. Get them a simple photo canvas of the friendship group or the two of you together. You could also have a quick look at their social media and get a photo of their beloved pet.

For the coffee lover

These suggestions also work for a tea lover. You could go for the easy, classic mug, but if you do this then it is best to try and have some fun with it. Go for a funny mug or a personalised one. If you want to try something a little different, then get your secret Santa an electronic mug warmer. They are USB powered which means they simply plug into your PC at work and help keep that cuppa warm for hours.

For the foodie

If your colleague has some favourite snacks that you are always seeing them eat then you have an easy answer right there! Get them a healthy supply of whatever treats they like to munch on as they work. For a more adventurous foodie, you could sign them up for a trial of a snack food subscription box. You can get a cheese taster box, a healthy snack subscription or an awesome Japanese snack box.


For the one who likes a drink

A bottle of their favourite drink is an easy option, but an even better option is a cute sample set of different flavours. Whatever their spirit of choice you can get a set they will love from gin to whiskey, vodka to rum. If they prefer a beer or an ale, you can get a set of different craft beers for them to try. If you are not sure what their favourite drink is, then you can just get them a personalised drinking glass. There are even options for those who do not drink alcohol such as this non-alcoholic beer duo or an alcohol-free cocktail set.

For the organised one

We all know someone who likes to keep things organised. The one who writes everything down and starts every day with a to-do list. The perfect gift for this person is stationery. Get them a diary for the new year, a set of pens or highlighters or a little calendar they can display on their desk. If they already have plenty of stationery then why not get them a desk organiser to keep their workspace looking neat and tidy?