WhatWeWant encourages people to perform acts of kindness

WhatWeWant (WWW) has announced that it will be donating all fees incurred by people using its crowdfunding app to charity.

WWW is an app used by networks of friends and families to pool money towards presents and experiences for loved ones. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the London-based startup has seen usage of the app rise, with communities rallying together to raise money collectively for worthwhile causes.

In light of this, WWW has announced that all of its fees, including the payment provider’s fees, will be donated to the National Emergencies Trust. The money will be donated on a monthly basis until the virus subsides.

Typically, a user of WWW would create a gift page, either for themselves or someone close to them, for anything from a new guitar to a honeymoon fund. Now users are creating crowdfunding pages for care packages and financial support for loved ones, neighbours and NHS workers.


WWW was launched in late 2019. The app was created by the Faf family of four, who want to encourage communities to come together and carry out acts of kindness, with tech particularly well-placed during times of isolation and social distancing to enable people to do so.

Yiannis Faf, CEO of WWW, said: “Our app is mostly used by groups of people who want to chip in to get a loved one a special gift. And although the coronavirus pandemic means our habits are changing – with gatherings, weddings and parties all being cancelled – we are seeing more people than ever looking for ways to pool their finances to help those in need.

“As a startup, we want to encourage this. Indeed, we need the tech sector to bring communities together at a time when we are forced to be apart physically. For that reason, for the foreseeable future we are proud to be redirecting all fees incurred by users to the National Emergencies Trust, a hugely worthwhile charity that is doing great things to help during this unprecedented, challenging period.”

John Herriman, Chief Executive of the National Emergencies Trust, added: “We’re incredibly grateful for the generous donation from WhatWeWant. Thanks to the efforts of early leaders like WhatWeWant, businesses, charitable trusts and the public, we have now raised an incredible £11m in our first week for our Coronavirus Appeal. The money raised is already making its way out to local grassroots organisations and small charities to provide vital support to those who need it most, as quickly as possible. Together we can make a real difference to the people most impacted by this crisis.”