Adapting her business during challenging 2020 months, entrepreneur Sarah Elston expanded her expertise to new industries and in return increased her own staffing numbers and clientele.

Providing staffing solutions nationwide, Slink have started the new year focused and full of drive, with it’s founder Sarah Elston, and her dedicated team pouring everything in to 2021.

Innovator, Sarah Elston, had to re-shape her business model when the pandemic first hit in March 2020, and along with many others, she faced uncertainty as to how her company would succumb the challenging months that laid ahead. However, thanks to the owners perseverance and determination, Slink have kick-started the new year thriving with new clients and candidates on their books.

Determined not to lose everything she’d worked incredibly hard for over the last decade, Sarah knew she had to transfer and expand her strong network, reputation and keen eye for detail to deliver their services to a much more vast audience – expanding their database from the hard hit professional sporting, coaching, arts, entertainment and education sectors she had always provided for.

Sarah said “I have always been an adaptable person and carried this mentality throughout my professional career and into my business. To be adaptable in the workplace is a valuable attribute to any team, so it’s also been a drive for me to install this mentality amongst my own staff – which they have all risen to above and beyond over the last year. Now more than ever we have needed to be ready for change, without that we would’ve dissolved during the first lockdown in early 2020. Undoubtably, I wasn’t willing to let that happen and I’m incredibly proud of where we are today.”

“Since March 2020 we’ve moved into new areas of recruitment, of which the 2019 me wouldn’t of imagined. Like all that changes with change, I have seen professional and personal growth and I am incredibly excited to see what 2021 will hold for us, as I know we are well equipped to take on even more.”

Slinks dedicated administrators continue to focus on their clients recruitment needs, researching, identifying, screening and outreaching to the right people for any position they need to fill. What’s more, they offer 1:2:1 support every step of the way to source sub-contractors, permanent and fixed term employees, causal staff, apprentices or trainees.

Some of their most recent partnerships have been with Yorkshire heating suppliers, Boiler Central / Yorkshire Boilers and A&B Groundworks Ltd to name just a few.

Withstanding the last year, Sarah hopes to encourage others to explore new opportunities, explaining; “I hope more than anything that my story, our story here at Slink, inspires other SME businesses to try something new. I truly believe at times you simply have to follow your instincts because who knows, it just may be the best thing to happen to you and your business.”