Left to right; Videcon owner Andy Croston & Videcon Managing Director Matt Rushall

Videcon, Britain’s leading provider of security solutions introduces a new range of Detect & Protect products, responding to a growing demand for British businesses to create a safe environment for reopening following the outbreak of COVID-19.

The product range is built upon the urgent need for businesses to implement safety measures and protocols on their sites and in their shops, in order to protect their employees and customers, in line with the COVID-19 government guidelines. The three products are thermal detection technologies Thermi-Screen and Thermi-Scan, and Occupi by Ocucon, the ground-breaking automated occupancy management system.

Videcon is working with a range of British businesses and managers including contact centres, manufacturers, retail stores and hospitality chains to develop solutions to support them reopen their premises, ensuring all staff and customers remain safe as the lockdown eases.


With higher body temperature being recognised by the NHS as one of the potential symptoms of COVID-19, Videcon’s thermal detection products Thermi-Screen and Thermi-Scan focus on detecting human body temperature with market-leading accuracy.

To help businesses in quickly identify people potentially infected, the body temperature detection system, Thermi-Screen, can calculate the core temperature of up to 40 people at once with the accuracy of ±0.3°C. Using Videcon’s advanced facial recognition, the system measures the body temperature from two parts of the face, preventing any false reading. Thermi-Screen then sends out alerts if an abnormal temperature is detected, helping to identify people with potential COVID-19 symptoms.

The non-contact access control system, Thermi-Scan, is an innovative facial recognition technology solution providing access to buildings based on selectable safety measures such as body temperature, face mask detection or card access. Thermi-Scan is capable of denying access to anyone with abnormal body temperature, those who don’t wear personal protective equipment or unidentified people. As Thermi-Scan can be integrated with existing access systems, it is expected to be the solution to many management teams that are tasked with ensuring staff can return to work safely.

Videcon has supported technology company Ocucon in their development of Occupi, a smart occupancy management system that has already helped retailers manage social distancing in supermarkets. With social distance requirements for business in place, the occupancy management system was recently implemented by the supermarket chain, Aldi. Occupi uses Videcon’s Deep Learning Plus software for highly accurate unmanned occupancy control. The software determines when the maximum occupancy, which can be tailored to the individual premises, has been reached and shuts the door until the level goes down with another person exiting.

Videcon MD Matt Rushall commented: “Businesses in the UK are currently facing a great challenge to open their doors again to both employees and customers, without compromising their health and safety. We have used our extensive knowledge and expertise in security products to help businesses find their way out of this difficult situation by developing technology with unrivalled accuracy and reliability to create a safe environment for any business.

“I believe that the high-tech market-leading solutions that Videcon offers as part of the ‘Detect & Protect’ range will greatly contribute to the safe and efficient reopening of businesses across the UK, and could support rebuilding the confidence of the general public to return to work.”