Sustainable parenting platform, YoungPlanet, has seen a 235% increase in app sign-ups during the first five months of 2022, compared to the same timeframe in 2021. The app is used by families across the UK to give and receive pre-used children’s items for free; helping parents to prevent unnecessary landfill waste.

App users have now surpassed 120,000 and there are typically 3,000 children’s items listed on the app at any one time. So far, over 30,000 children’s items have found new homes through YoungPlanet since its launch in 2019 and it has helped British families save over £1 million in parenting and children’s items.

The influx of growth comes as more families across the country are seeking new ways to mediate the unprecedented rise in the cost of living, and are specifically looking for solutions that are both green and immune to inflationary pressures.

YoungPlanet provides a free, ‘cashless’ platform based on a sharing economy model. Parents can list or request a range of different children’s items; from books and clothes, to toys and baby equipment. The app incentivises a circular system of sharing; prioritising those who have donated more items in the past, so that parents are motivated to become as sustainable as they can be.


Jason Ash, co-founder of YoungPlanet, comments:

“The rise in demand for sustainable solutions like ours is partly due to the rising cost of living, but also because families want to do more for the planet. Our platform is committed to helping families source items they need in a more sustainable way. The circular economy is by nature immune to price hikes and inflation, meaning that families are able to source quality goods without having to spend a fortune.

“By helping parents cut their costs, whilst reducing the environmental impact of their waste, we’re working to build a community of sharers that can support others in becoming more environmentally and financially conscious.”

The YoungPlanet app is available from the App Store and Google Play Store to download for free.