Angela Prentner-Smith, founder and MD of This is Milk

Award-winning entrepreneur Angela Prentner-Smith’s new offering , ‘Angela Talks’ is a brand-new short form audio show with weekly episodes dropping on You Tube.

As the brains behind Glasgow digital consultancy This is Milk and the powerhouse behind the new inclusive Neve Learning platform, frequently responds to requests for her insights in all sorts of subject from parenting to how to build high performing teams and has finally succumb to the requests for a pod cast..

Angela, a self-confessed snowflake, wears her labels with pride With Angela Talks, her mission is to share her wisdom for those looking for some bite sized insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

As a busy mum of two, Angela will be dropping her unfiltered and unvarnished insights from team building, dodging woke-ish minefields, and dealing with the Regina Georges of the office.


“Angela Talks is my little soapbox where I share nuggets of wisdom to help folks bring their authentic selves to work, all while having a laugh at the patriarchy’s expense,” says Angela Prentner-Smith.

Future episodes include ‘Stop Being so F*cking Helpless’ and ‘Being the Boss When You’re Not the Boss’.