Please check our guidelines below before sharing your news:

✔️ News stories that we share:

  • We love professionally written business to business, & business to consumer news and press releases
  • A big yes to news and articles about business innovations, events, product launches, appointments, retail, lifestyle, reviews and local expert insights; relating to the regions that we cover
  • Well-researched business insights and expert opinion articles

✔️ News using professional photography:

  • News stories should be accompanied by a professional, high-quality photograph (please see below for additional guidelines)
  • You have permission to share from the copyright owner

❌ News about topics that we won’t usually share:

  • News relating to charity campaigns, charity donations, not-for-profits, community groups, housing associations, housebuilder community involvement, care-home inspections, hospitals, or schools.
  • Stories about individual job appointments or job promotions
  • Top 10 Tips… Top 10 Types… 5 Ways You Can… Or other list-style or ‘listicle’ articles
  • Articles of an advertising nature or direct promotions without a special prior agreement
  • News and articles don’t have substantive value
  • News or articles that promote or are associated with smoking, vaping or gambling

❌ News with the wrong type of photography or imagery:

  • No portrait photos: no headshots/head & shoulders/portrait style photos without prior agreement
  • No amateur photography or selfies
  • No graphics or graphic designs
  • No infographics or stand-alone logo images

Where accompanying images don’t meet our requirements we might reject your news story or sometimes replace images with generic photography from our stock photo library.

Is your news guaranteed to be published?

After all of that, the good news is that we publish over 95% of the news stories that are submitted to us through our website!

When don’t feel that a news story meets our editorial standard, or we’ve been inundated with news about a particular topic, we may sometimes reject news without explanation