Submit a Press Release: Amplify Your Business News with Business Mondays

Welcome to Business Mondays, the leading business news website offering comprehensive press release publication services to PR agencies and business news desks in the UK and worldwide. By submitting your press releases through Business Mondays, you can effectively share your company’s latest news and announcements with a targeted audience, enhancing your brand’s visibility and generating media coverage. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of submitting a press release on Business Mondays and answer common questions related to press release submission. Let’s get started!

Submitting a Press Release on Business Mondays:

Where do I submit a press release?

When it comes to submitting your press release, Business Mondays provides a user-friendly platform that streamlines the process. Simply visit our “Submit a Press Release” page, accessible once you create an account or log in. This page allows you to create a Business Mondays account, enabling you to share your press release or news story with ease.

How do I submit a press release in the UK?

Submitting a press release in the UK has never been easier with Business Mondays. Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Business Mondays website and navigate to the “Submit a Press Release” page.
  • Click on the link here to create a Business Mondays account.
  • Fill in the required details, including your contact information, press release content, and any relevant multimedia assets.
  • Choose additional publication enhancements – such as adding a backlink in your news story.
  • Submit your press release, and our team will review it for publication on Business Mondays.

Where do I send a press release in the UK?

For effective press release distribution in the UK, Business Mondays provides a centralised platform for reaching PR agencies and business news desks. By submitting your press release through Business Mondays, you gain access to a wide network of people who are interested in reading your business news. Our website ensures exposure for your press release within the UK and beyond, maximizing your chances of media coverage and visibility.

What happens when you submit a press release?

Once you submit your press release through Business Mondays, our dedicated team will review it for quality and relevance. We strive to maintain the highest editorial standards to ensure that the news shared on our platform is accurate, informative, and engaging.

Upon approval, your press release will be published on Business Mondays, gaining exposure to our extensive readership. Your news will be indexed by search engines- usually including Google, making it easily discoverable by online users searching for relevant topics.

By submitting your press release through Business Mondays, you open doors to enhanced visibility, media coverage, and industry recognition. Our user-friendly submission process ensure that your news reaches the right audience. Start amplifying your business news today by submitting your press release through Business Mondays.

To take a look at what your news might look like after publication, visit our homepage. Create a Business Mondays account by following this link: Let’s Go.