The Next Big Things? Cambridge Incubator Presents Portfolio of Potentially Disruptive DeepTech

Earlier this month, Cambridge Future Tech (CFT), the renowned tech-first venture builder, celebrated a significant milestone in its journey to foster DeepTech innovation. For the first time in London, CFT hosted a Pitch Event that showcased its portfolio of eight pioneering DeepTech companies to an audience of international investors, venture capitalists, and members of the wider technology ecosystem.

Held in the impressive setting of Glaziers Hall, the CFT Pitch Event was a testament to the potential and progress of the UK’s burgeoning DeepTech scene. The event featured compelling presentations from eight of CFT’s portfolio companies, each at the cutting edge of their respective fields, ranging from AI and robotics to sustainable materials and synthetic biology.

The ventures presenting:

Cam AI: Helping to solve the mental health emergency faced by young people today. Using conversational AI tools to develop a chatbot for scalable, authentic mental health support for young people.


AutoPickr: An Autonomous Robotic Picking Platform, solving the labour shortage by reducing the human requirement for harvesting crops aligned with growers’ critical needs.

SAIF Systems: Trustworthy AI; enabling the deployment of autonomous systems with real-time safety systems in complex situations.

Literal Labs (formerly Mignon): applies a streamlined and more efficient approach to AI that is faster, explainable, and up to 10,000X more energy efficient than today’s neural networks.

GitLife Biotech: GitLife Biotech’s platform is the foundation for Synthetic Biology to realise its potential. Their tech revolutionises the way biological assets are managed, enhancing the potential for revenue capture.

Mission Decisions: Delivering Human-Machine Teaming services to unlock the potential of defence data through AI and ML.

Neuro XR: Predicting human experience through neuroscience powered AI. Delivering real-time, unbiased and easy to understand heat maps, insights and analytics for immersive environments.

Mimicrete: Concrete structures crack. Mimicrete is innovating in self-healing concrete technology to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the construction industry.

The event not only provided a platform for these ventures to showcase their innovations but also facilitated meaningful conversations and connections within the DeepTech community.

“Tonight was not just about pitching for investment; it was a celebration of innovation, resilience, and the collective ambition to drive technological advancement,” said Owen Thompson, CEO of Cambridge Future Tech, during his opening remarks.

CFT extends its gratitude to J A Kemp for their sponsorship and support, which was instrumental in the success of the evening. Their commitment to fostering innovation within the DeepTech sector is invaluable.

The Pitch Event marks the beginning of a new chapter for CFT and its ventures. With plans to host more events across the UK and beyond, CFT is dedicated to building a future where DeepTech innovation is nurtured from the very earliest, pre-seed stages to address the world’s most pressing challenges. CFT is on track to create 40 DeepTech ventures over the next 5 years.