History of Poppies, with Chris Wootton (centre)

Poppies is celebrating after being featured as one of the best franchises in the UK. For the second year in a row, the domestic cleaning franchise has made the ranking in the prestigious Elite Franchise Top 100 Awards, coming in at an impressive 58th place, competing against huge fast-food brands like Subway. It’s a badge of honour that the brand can proudly hold throughout 2021.

The Elite Franchise Top 100 recognises franchisors for the mentoring and ongoing support of their franchisees, their position in the marketplace and future plans and strategy for the business. Judges rank the brands according to the broad range of criteria, with all components of the franchise package facing detailed scrutiny. Long-standing franchisee, Chris Wootton, who took over ownership of the franchise in 2018, says he is thrilled to see the brand get the recognition it deserves after a challenging year.

“We’re so humbled to be part of the list once again this year. Every single sector and industry has been affected by the pandemic, and I’m proud to see that our people have been recognised for their resilience and commitment. This ranking is truly a combined effort, and I have to thank our network of 22 franchisees with their offices across the UK – without them and their positivity, camaraderie and determination, this year wouldn’t have seen the success we’ve experienced.”

The 2021 ranking comes after Poppies celebrated their 40th anniversary. Supported by this strong brand heritage, judges commended the vigour of the network and the amount of support on offer. On top of that, after introducing a new digital system to enhance franchisees’ performance and provide even more convenience to clients, Poppies indicates what’s next in store.


Passionate about helping other ambitious professionals to achieve their dreams of business ownership, Chris is spearheading future growth. The West Lancashire businessman has plans to double the size of the franchise network in the next four years. When cleaning has been crucial for getting through the year, Poppies are ready to take 2021 by storm.

“I launched my own Poppies office in 1996 in West Ormskirk and, since then, I’ve seen the entire brand go through several transitions and various stages of its life cycle – I’m certain that the next one will be the most exciting part yet. This year has taught us a great deal, which has placed us in a strong position to come out the other side with a spring in our step.

“The Elite Top 100 recognises quality and outstanding service – both things that resonate heavily in our ethos. It proudly sits at the heart of everything we do, as we constantly raise the standards within the cleaning sector and champion the workforce. Across the UK, we have happy, loyal staff and delighted clients who come back to us time and time again. Without both, we’d simply have no business. This award sets us apart once again and is a welcome boost for the coming year.”