A depiction of a click bot

Leading digital marketing technology firm, Beacon, has been named as a finalist in the Innovation category at this year’s UK Digital Growth Awards.

The business has been recognised for developing its digital marketing analytics and click fraud protection platform, which is designed to compile a user’s advertising campaign data so they no longer need to jump between platforms or interpret complex spreadsheets, making the task of monitoring performance much easier.

Beacon is the only product of its kind on the market that can identify the presence of click bots – automated programs used to commit ad fraud and distort results.

Once it has identified click bots, the platform then takes steps to remove them from marketing campaigns, offering users peace of mind that the traffic they are receiving is coming from genuine, human visitors and is therefore more likely to lead to a stronger Return on Investment [RoI].

The UK Digital Growth Awards aim to recognise, reward and celebrate the very best innovations in website design and digital campaigns, as well as the application of tools and data across the UK, with a judging panel consisting of leading industry experts including Bryan Corbett, director of global operations for Disney+ Originals, Ellie England, sales director at Microsoft, and Carlotta Bonafini, SEO lead at Vodafone.

Winners of this year’s awards will be announced at a virtual event due to take place on Thursday 24th June at 8pm BST.

Nigel Bridges, CEO of Beacon, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have made it through to the final nominees in the Innovation category at this year’s UK Digital Growth Awards.

“We are very proud of the journey that we have been on as a business, and our determination to innovate and disrupt remains a central tenet of how we operate.

“Our passion lies in helping our clients to grow by embracing the very latest in campaign analytics technology to achieve their marking goals and taking the fight back to the bots through click fraud protection.

“We believe all these factors combined make Beacon a strong contender for the Innovation Award.”

Co-founded by entrepreneurs Nigel Bridges, Mike Townend and Stewart Boutcher, Beacon started life as a digital marketing agency, and the idea for the platform was born from the frustration the team experienced from observing the disconnect between the data their clients received from advertising networks and the numbers they saw in their own traffic monitoring.

Beacon’s work has already seen the company being awarded the Tech Nation Rising Stars 3.0 Cyber Award, which places it among the nation’s top cyber security companies.


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