Master business coach, Dominic Monkhouse releases new book, Mind Your F**king Business

In the UK 60% of businesses go bankrupt within their first year. What are so many doing wrong? Dominic Monkhouse knows, but readers beware, the truth may hurt!

If leaders want to scale their businesses quickly and have fun doing it, they MUST stop copying the tired approaches of traditional companies. Google has quickly become the ‘business bible of choice’, but few take the time to question whether the advice presented  is actually right for their business.

In his new book, Mind Your F**king Business, Dominic advises leaders to go against the grain and adopt an intentional, straight-forward and focused approach to growth to see REAL results – minus the drama. This starts with investing money and time in the one resource that matters most – their people.

Why should readers listen to Dominic? Well, in the last two recessions (9/11 and GFC of 2007-08), Dominic has scaled two UK technology service firms to a £30m annual run rate revenue within five years.


Need more convincing? He’s also known as ‘the happy entrepreneur’, and is the CEO and Founder of Monkhouse & Company, a no-nonsense coaching company that helps entrepreneurial CEOs and their leadership team reach their goals faster.

Put simply, Mind Your F**king Business explains how to grow a business via the path less trodden.

It covers topics such as how to empower existing leaders, attract and retain the best talent and boost productivity tenfold. Dominic argues for  ditching pointless meetings, scrapping annual appraisals, explains how to double turnover without money pit marketing  and – contrary to common practice – why people should stop paying salespeople commissions. It is the perfect read for the ambitious and passionate business leader looking to break the mould.

Based on Dominic’s two decades of knowledge and hands-on experience, Mind Your F**king Business will revolutionise how leaders’ look at organisational change. Broken into bite size chunks, it acts as both a reference book for readers to dip in and out of as they need, and a major push to help people question their established beliefs.

This book guarantees to save years of trial and error, offering a proven fast-track to propelling any business from good to great with much less stress.

Mind Your F**king Business is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.