47% of employees say flexible working is key to their loyalty.

Almost half of all UK workers (47%) want employers to provide flexible working in exchange for their loyalty to a business, but despite the massive shift to remote working during the pandemic, it remains a contentious issue as more than two-thirds of employers (67%) don’t see it as a priority.

The research, from payroll, HR and analytics experts MHR International, also revealed that:

  • More than two-thirds of employees (67%) expect to work remotely either full-time or some of the time in 2021
  • 42% of employers wrongly believe career development opportunities are more important to employees than flexible working, and 38% see competitive pay scales as better employee retention tools
  • 47% of workers say companywide communication got worse or remained poor during the last 12 months
  • Most organisations have had their hands forced this year when it comes to offering more fluid working arrangements, primarily due to lockdowns increasing remote working. With flexible working continuing into 2021, it will be the new battleground as employers remain deaf to the demands of their workforces.

“Employers must listen to their employees’ demands for flexible working,” said Chris Kerridge, Product Manager, MHR International. “Despite the widely-acknowledged success of working from home, and the fact it is here to stay, many employers are still not heeding what their employees are saying when it comes to the future of work.”