An Envirogen industrial water treatment system, enhancing sustainability at a leading international drinks manufacturing plant

Alfreton-headquartered Envirogen Group, the specialist in water treatment, is gearing up for the UN’s World Water Day on March 22nd this year with a series of activities for children local to the Alfreton area.

In support of the annual event, Envirogen’s activities will include a design competition, allowing children to creatively engage with World Water Day’s goal of access to safe water for all. Included will be a total prize value of £500 worth of vouchers, shared between a winning pupil and a winning school.

Envirogen is contacting appropriate local schools with invitations to take part. School pupils aged between five and 11 years of age are eligible to enter.

Says Bill Denyer, Envirogen UK and Europe CEO, “World Water Day is a significant global event, emphasising as it does the importance of water for good health for all communities, and advocating for sustainable management of freshwater resources.


“World Water Day is a great chance to involve children in the importance of water. It’s so easy even for adults to take easily available, clean water for granted. Helping children from a young age to understand the crucial role clean water plays in our modern world is a great starting point. This is where our support for World Water Day comes in by involving local schools and working with them to tie in our competition with their own lessons and activities supporting World Water Day.”

Denyer adds, “As an industrial water treatment company with clean, fresh water always in mind, we co-operate closely with many different water users on integrated water resources management. Together we support the circular economy approach to water use and conservation while helping communities to maintain standards and access clean, safe water.”

Circular eco­nomies and sustainability

The company’s involvement in circular economies and sustainability is founded on its strengths in small-to-large scale water treatment projects and water recovery, re-use, and recycling.  Individually or together, these are in line with a core focus of World Water Day – sustainable development.

“Projects and technologies like ours result in greatly reduced water demand from industry and other significant water users,” says Denyer, “because much of it is retained in a closed loop system. Significant benefits include the subsequent freeing up of water for local populations, with less need to drill for water and deplete underground supplies in areas where water can be in short supply.

“We also treat underground water that has been polluted through farming, industry and military technology maintenance operations, ensuring it is either safe for public consumption or ready for the next stage of purification.”

About Envirogen

Envirogen’s customers are at the local, national and international levels, in water, municipal and utility organisations, and the energy, healthcare, food and industry sectors. They include, apart from water authorities and companies, the NHS, Unilever, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Lidl, and Honda.

Envirogen is a leading international provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions. The company solves complex challenges relating to water availability and quality, and helps its customers to increase productivity, reduce costs and meet environmental and sustainability targets.

This is achieved through offering:

– Best in class water and wastewater treatment and process treatment technology

– Expertise in design, project management and engineering

– World class manufacturing and servicing capability