Johannes Mock-O'Hara with his team and Stagecoach students

Stagecoach Performing Arts, led by franchisee Johannes Mock-O’Hara, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of its influence in Germany. From Berlin to Hamburg and now the upcoming takeover of Frankfurt this April, Johannes and his dedicated team are steadfastly fulfilling their commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities for performing arts and development across the country.

“Launching Stagecoach in Berlin in 2019 was a heartfelt decision for me. The Stagecoach Way resonated with me deeply, and its commitment to empowering young people aligned seamlessly with my passions,” said Johannes. “Witnessing the success and positive impact in Berlin made it a no-brainer for me to expand further. The opportunity to bring the transformative power of performing arts to more children became not just a business decision but a personal mission.”

Despite facing setbacks in the six months following its launch before the pandemic, Johannes and his team triumphantly introduced Stagecoach Hamburg just 12 months after the initial debut in Berlin. By acquiring Stagecoach Frankfurt Southeast last summer and now Stagecoach Frankfurt West, they are positioned to have an even more significant impact on the performing arts landscape in Germany.

In Germany, the school system doesn’t quite cover these things for performing arts, unlike in the UK where it’s more recognised,” explained Johannes. “My vision is to replicate the success of my current schools across more regions in the country. Investing in Stagecoach Frankfurt was the ideal next step.


“Right now, we’re at 18 schools, but I believe there’s a ton of untapped potential. I don’t see any reason why we can’t have 100 schools in Germany, and that’s the long-term goal we’re working towards. It’s all about spreading Stagecoach’s positive impact and unique approach to more communities. With the support of my wonderful management team, specifically Holly and Wladimir Hylton – who oversee operations – this is something we will bring to fruition in time.

“I met them both when I was the CEO of Stage Entertainment in Germany and could see they would make a valuable contribution to helping me build my Stagecoach business,” explained Johannes. “Wladimir handles the technical side of the business and maintains communication with parents, while Holly focuses on crafting enriching content and shaping the educational aspects.”

Bringing a wealth of experience in the performing arts and fuelled by a shared passion for its transformative impact on children, the couple eagerly seized the opportunity to join forces with Johannes.

“Stagecoach is a haven for all children, providing a unique space where they can truly be themselves, even when they may not fit in elsewhere,” explained Holly. “Embracing and encouraging authenticity is at the heart of Stagecoach, and I love being part of a business that champions the individuality of each child, fostering a supportive environment for their creative journey.”

Wladimir added, “It’s truly an honour to bring my technical expertise to Stagecoach and support Johannes in realising his vision. Working here allows me to contribute to a meaningful cause, providing young talents a platform to flourish in the performing arts. It’s a privilege to be part of a team positively impacting these children’s lives.”

Recognising the value of the Stagecoach curriculum to young people across Northern Germany, Johannes, along with his close-knit team, envisions Stagecoach as the go-to performing arts opportunity in the country – for franchisees and children alike.

“Our success in Germany is a shining example of the untapped opportunities that lie ahead in 2024,” said Johannes. “It highlights the growing demand for top-notch performing arts education. I’m optimistic that in the coming year, more franchisees will embrace Stagecoach as an exciting opportunity to create a vibrant, innovative space for young talents to thrive.”