Create your own Yoga retreat with Spacecraft Garden Rooms eco-friendly handcrafted garden rooms

Spacecraft Garden Rooms unveil their modern and elegantly chic, sustainable garden room. The Kent based ethical manufacturer introduce their custom design, a beautifully handcrafted yoga studio garden room, that seamlessly combines functionality with affordable elegance.

This stunning addition to their portfolio effortlessly combines functionality, affordability, and a deep commitment to sustainability, allowing homeowners to experience the joy of nature up close.

“We were commissioned to design and build a yoga studio in a beautiful garden. The customer wanted to be able to teach lessons of up to 15 people. They had a tight budget and wanted it to be natural and unobtrusive.” reveals Ben Feldman, Founder and Director of Spacecraft Garden Rooms.

Embracing eco-consciousness, Spacecraft Garden Rooms use ground screws in place of concrete foundations to minimise the excessive need for concrete ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.


The garden studio also showcases sustainable materials. These include locally sourced Sweet Chestnut hardwood, which is renowned for its durability and resistance to rot and has thrived in the region for centuries. Sustainable harvesting practices such as coppicing, ensure that it provides a renewable resource for construction and timeless elegance.

“Sweet Chestnut ages beautifully, weathering to a lovely silver colour.” says Ben.

External cladding and flooring were made of cork, which boasts exceptional insulation properties while being sustainably harvested from the bark of Cork Oak trees. Unlike traditional timber harvesting methods, cork extraction allows the trees to absorb 3-5 times more carbon during growth.

This antibacterial, warm, and biodegradable material also creates an inviting space that effortlessly merges with its natural surroundings, cultivating a relaxed haven for yoga practice and meditation.

“It’s very cost-effective, has thermal characteristics, and we wanted the building to be soft and unobtrusive, blending with the beautiful garden in which it is positioned.” Feldman elaborates on its design.

The yoga studio blends seamlessly with the surrounding garden, inviting the outside in through its large bi-fold doors, glazed windows, and strategically placed horizontal windows.

The easy flow between indoor and outdoor spaces welcomes in natural light and fresh air, opening the studio up to the garden’s natural serenity for yoga practice. Its vaulted ceiling adds a sense of openness, enabling practitioners to move freely and experience an unparalleled sense of tranquillity.

Eco-friendly aspects of the studio extend beyond aesthetics, however. Integrated LED lighting ensures its energy efficiency, while the high-performance glazed windows and doors optimise insulation, reducing any heating and air conditioning consumption and costs.

Garden rooms can be an innovative and cost-effective way to expand the usable space in your home, while also increasing its value. Property expert Robert Ellis of Nutbrook Property estimates they can add value of around 1.5 times the cost of installing the room.

In addition to their stunning project, Spacecraft Garden Rooms have been developing new pre-designed collections, including their Saturn range. These exciting additions will soon be available on the company’s website.

Selecting a bespoke design from Spacecraft Garden Rooms lets homeowners fulfil the desire for a practical and elegant work or leisure space, while simultaneously making a sound investment in their property. They can merge a love for the planet, with passion for work-life balance.