‘Grow and Sell your Start-up; How to create a business you can sell for Millions’, the new book by Fiona Hudson-Kelly.

Fiona Hudson-Kelly has built two businesses and sold them for life-altering amounts of money. In her new book she explains how she did it, and how you can too.

When you’re immersed in the excitement of starting a business, the thought of selling it seems like a distant dream. But what if it that dream could come true, and you could sell your business for millions? What if, one day, you could wake up to a life-changing sum of money in your bank account?

If you want to start, scale, and sell your own company, ‘Grow and Sell Your Start-up’ is packed with the inspiration, information and practical advice you need to do it successfully and achieve an exit that’s right for you.


If this sounds like the sort of thing that’s only for Silicon Valley start-ups, Fiona Hudson-Kelly is living proof that it can be achieved, even by you – and this book will show you how.

Sharing her own hard-won experiences and everything she’s learnt on her journey through starting and selling numerous businesses, Fiona arms you with vital insider expert knowledge and smart approaches, coaching you step-by-step through the best ways to grow your business now, so you can maximise your chances of selling it for millions later.

This book Provides clear guidance on how to build a business with the purpose of selling it for big profits. It coaches readers through everything they need to consider to grow their business in a way that will maximise interest from potential buyers in the future.

‘Grow and Sell your Start-Up; How to create a business you can sell for Millions’ promises the opportunity for big outcomes that can change readers’ lives. And it will inspire readers with expert advice, real examples and insight gained through hard-won experience and proven success.

This book takes you from start to scale to sell, covering the one decision you need to make at the start; start-up fundamentals; scale-up leadership; scale-up infrastructure; scale-up growth; getting ready to sell; putting your house in order; maintaining your growth; and the sale.